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User Info: Shanabear

11 months ago#1
Okay so I have all 3 DLC's, and I have played through the game many times and traveled many paths. I know there really is no possible way, and this has been asked many times, but I'm just curious to what is the best order to follow the questlines to avoid as many possible glitches/bugs as you can? Bc seriously, there are so many and they're so annoying. So far all I've read is "They're all great" or "Just do whatever you want" which I get that and all, but I want real opinions here. So here's mine:
1.Main quest right away, up until the point where you release the trapped dragon in Dragonsreach, then I just have him wait there.
2.Thieves Guild bc you don't really kill or affect much plus I love building my sneak skill early. It's also a good way to get money. I always am sure to go all the way through with this too, like until you get the Guild Masters Armor. Oh and next time I play I'm being sure to talk to Shadr (I think that's how you spell it, they argue on the bridge right at the entrance) about his debt the first time I enter Riften and just doing that asap. It caused a interaction glitch kinda related to Dragonborn that ticked me off.
3.Then Companions (which most people save for higher level) bc you get a lot of small loot like coin, common useful potions, etc that I like to stack up early on. It also is just an easy way to level up and get some places on the map. After I do the main quest line, I usually cure the twins and myself as I know with Dawnguard (idk about without) you can just get it back from Aela whenever.
4.Then Dawnguard. Now as an avid vampire hater (in Skyrim they're just a nuisance) I have always sided with Dawnguard. But right after I post this, I'm going to start a new game and just side with the vampires, because I really want to reunite Serana with Val- and she has to have a place to stay or it's pointless. Stupid, but Im weird okay.
5.At this point I go through my quest log and try to do as many of the side and miscellaneous quests, avoiding any Daedric quests or any of the ones that lead to other quests. I also take the time to become Thane of every reach (except Markarth, I dislike Markarth) just bc everytime that I've waited to do this later on, there's always one place that ends up bugged or something. Consult wiki as needed.
6.After that I usually will finish the main quest, just to tie off loose ends and such. I think next time though I will wait until after as many quests as possible just to see who all shows up in Sovnguard
7.Then Dark Brotherhood. Now when I first started playing, I would always do this first thing. It was my absolute favorite and of course I always wanted to adopt children right away. Its still my fav, but I've learned that you really end up killing a lot of people that are useful. As to the adoption thing, I've made my peace with avoiding it. They hardly see me after I adopt them anyway, although that old hag who ran the orphanage is so satisfying to kill.
8.Now I'll do the College of Winterhold quests, followed by the Bards College quests. Again just to level and loot up for the most part. Then i repeat #5, as it's always best to keep your active quests to a minimum.
9.After all that, I kind of wrap up questlines with Dragonborn. I do it all the way through and then spend a lot of time in Solsethium doing the other quests there. It's like a whole new world and it kind of relights the fire that can get burnt out with just plain Skyrim.
*If I were gonna do Civil War, I'd do it now. But that questline is so glitchy I stopped bothering awhile ago. The outcome is also stupid on either end*
10.Finally I'll go back and waste money and buy/build all the houses, level up, do all the daedric, side, and radiant quests.(Wiki lists every one of them) Probably get married, adopt some kids. Eventually get bored and start again.
Kinda long but hope it helps, I've found that doing it along those lines helps avoid the glitches and bugs I always run into. Of course some are unavoidable.

User Info: DeleriumJ

11 months ago#2
Impressive breakdown... I think u just described the silent suffering of every skyrim player... The quest to play through the game without accidentally breaking it! Don't get me wrong, I have an unhealthy love for this game; but I'm willing to bet everyone has had to start over at least once due to accidental world and story breaking quest choices. If there's one thing I hope they fix with the next game, it's being able to explore and make radical choices without worrying about maybe having to start over 60 hours in.
I left the civil war story alone for years bc, as mentioned, I just thought it was kind of a stupid story and it didn't really fit my character to take sides like that. Then I finally decided to make a stormcloak character and carry it through and, of course, a glitch at a fort near falkreath has stopped that adventure dead in its tracks. And I'm like, "OK, so I was right to leave that alone."

User Info: GuiltyGear1682

11 months ago#3
on my current playthrough I'm doing companion because it gives me some quick levels, now I'm solely focusing on dawnguard, simply because I hate those roaming vampires come out of nowhere and start attacking me or NPC.
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User Info: Katsuro

11 months ago#4
For me its quite simple:

1. Goto Riverwood and train archery to 50

2. Aetherium Forge quest for crown, then glitch the guardian stones and lover stone on character, delete DG, save after and reinstall so all 4 are on character.

3. Dawnguard (likely after buying house in Falkreath)

4. Bleak Falls Barrow to unlock dragons

5. Retire ^_^
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