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User Info: Olld-Onne

3 months ago#21
Veezara posted...
FlynnOFlenniken posted...
Redstar587 posted...
what do you want to be in the game

Others will probably feel differently, but I kind of wish no locations or containers in the game would reset so I could pick just any random place in the game, clear out all the enemies, and declare that location my home.

Some would need to, for radiant quests but I do like the idea of using a former dungeon as a home. Just glad the one I choose doesn't respawn, Northwatch Keep. Requires you to clear out a group that shouldn't be in Skyrim then it's yours.

As long as you keep returning to a location before three days it should still have all the stuff that was stashed still there so theoretically you can use almost anywhere as a base. Any quest that resets a container would have dire consequences obviously if you had stuff in it.
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User Info: Guide

3 months ago#22
If they go with Valenwood, they'll have to, or at least be highly encouraged to, make climbing more mechanically involved. That's what you do with giant trees. You climb them.
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User Info: Olld-Onne

3 months ago#23
Guide posted...
If they go with Valenwood, they'll have to, or at least be highly encouraged to, make climbing more mechanically involved. That's what you do with giant trees. You climb them.

They will just port the skyrim horses and actually make you invest in one for a change lol.
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User Info: Veezara

3 months ago#24
Olld-Onne posted...
Guide posted...
If they go with Valenwood, they'll have to, or at least be highly encouraged to, make climbing more mechanically involved. That's what you do with giant trees. You climb them.

They will just port the skyrim horses and actually make you invest in one for a change lol.

Horses, got me thinking of Arvak. Whih got me thinking of the Harrowing nof the Soul Cairn as a quest in TES 6.
You(Sinmirs choen Protector of Whiterun) and Istar Cairn Breaker(Protector of Haafingar) would travel to the tomb of the original Protector of Haafingar, where the souls of Haafingar's protectors heed the call of northern steel. You meet Roggvir's spirit there.
Roggvir: Greetings Brother/Sister we have been awaiting your arival.
You: We? It is only you here.
Roggvir: You see only me because your heart knows only me as the Protector of Haffingar. I'd wager old Octieve could see half a dozen of my predecessors and I see them all and they all see you. You have brought honour as Protector of Whiten. Sinmir's faith was not missplaced.
You: Istar told me he could sense you neded to speak to us.
Roggvir: Yes, Have you heard the story of the Wolf Queen Potema. As a necromancer she sent countless souls of Solitude's citizens to the Soul Cairn. I even know three of the souls sent are tose who once beared the title of Protector of Haafingar during Potema's reign. As the previous protector of Haafingar I cannot rest easy in Sovngarde knowing that the souls of so many of her citizens have been sent to that awful place.However you and Istar, with the help of those three souls could help to free those sent there by Potema. The Harrowing of the Soul Cairn.

Resulting in you travelling to the Soul Cairn, meet the souls of the characters who had been Protectors of Haafingar during Potema's reign and help free the citizens sent there by her.

Not sure whether it would just be the people sent by Potema or if Roggvir would be intending to have you empty the Soul Cairn leaving the Ideal Masters to start again from scratch.
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User Info: Olld-Onne

3 months ago#25
I so did try to save Roggvir, many attempts and what does he do?. Die from a heart attack of gladness or something. All those guards dead for not much really.
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User Info: Whimsical_Gamer

3 months ago#26
Skooma, moon sugar drug criminal factions. An underworld of criminal activity to actually use it for something in the game. Ally with one side or another, do both be a double agent between whatever. Smuggling, dealings, have a town like Suran, the Vegas of Elder Scrolls, where you can join thieves guild, Dark Brotherhood, drug faction, and in the end have multiple possibilities for the end scenarion of that part of the game. Or if you decide to be on the nice side of the game be apart of one of the law abiding factions that fight the corrupt town and their ways and be able do same thing, be a double crosser and cause all kinds of chaos to the end.

Morrowind had slave freeing. So how about like Fallout with the mesmerize gun, or whatever it was, where you do some slavery.

Open up some consequences. Want to be bad, if going to be leader of DB or TG you have a mark on your back, same with drug dealing, trafficking, whatever. Walk in a town guards watch closely so if sneak level is high still on bit of a radar.

Going to be captain of law abiding factions you have contracts out on you to keep from further damage towards the criminal activity.
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User Info: HentaiMan

3 months ago#27
Nintendo fanboy, KirbyCentrist.
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User Info: afrodude77

3 months ago#28
Summerset isles

Unarmed Skill tree

Npcs with better self preservation run indoors grandma instead of charging a dragon or vampire with a dagger


Longer guild questlines more focus on skill

Divorce for spouses

User Info: the_quickness

3 months ago#29
They'd never do it, but here's what I'd like to see:

Crafting skills go bye-bye. You commission merchants for what you want and even have to wait, even if you've got the coin. Materials take time to come, work takes time to happen. The game could give you the option for the calendar to fast forward after you've made your purchase if you're impatient, so you're not stuck in a wait menu. If they have enough skill and you can pay for it, you can get virtually whatever you want, but within reason. No longer do you get rich from potions, or get OP from enchanting stuff. You don't waste game time watching your character lean on a table. You don't grind out 20 levels in a half hour by pressing A a thousand times. You actually play.

Fast Travel - Arrive at Night, Arrive at Day options - to make the most of thieving, being a vampire, or just shopping. If it takes 12 hours to show up somewhere and you'd rather it be 24, the game fast forwards 24 instead.

More gradual jumps in enemy power and levels, not huge quantum leaps, so you don't feel at any point like you have to power level just to keep up.

Fast travel from within buildings and caves if you are in the first layer in, if there is an exit marked on your local map and you are not, say, imprisoned or currently in battle.

People pickpocketing you.

Enemies using Illusion spells on you, or even stuff like Silence, like they did in Oblivion.

The ability to push on people/things. Like sneak up on an enemy near a cliff and just give them a shove. We probably won't have Shouts in the next game for Lore reasons, so this would be nice.

Not knowing what things are called and who people are until you get more information. Like you shouldn't walk into a town and just see a name over everyone's heads, and if you haven't been trained as a botanist, you shouldn't be able to immediately identify every plant and fungus you see, especially if, in the case of Oblivion, you're not from that dimension (Oblivion, Shivering Isles). You'd feel more immersed with less information. It would feel more real.

On the same subject - forgetting information over time. Nobody's perfect. That would be an insane detail to add to any game.

Realistic jumping - not being able to do a figure 8 in the air in a single jump. Not jumping forward and choosing to fall back. That would mess with people.

Armor and inventory weighing you down when you swim.

Some kind of big duffel bag or something to be visible for carrying all the crap you do. There's no way you're shoving ingots and axes and shovels in your pockets. It would be cool if you could put the bag down, as well, if you need to do some swimming, but thieves could still snatch it up.

Limited volume and weight capacity for containers, even house containers. Stop encouraging hoarders.

Food that rots over time. No leaving raw meat on shelves anymore.

Climbing, rope and gear and so on. Rope isn't just for ships.

The ability to set traps, both large and small - like hunt animals with small traps, hunt people with big ones like the Bandits use.

Getting better in skills as you use them is nice, but it would be cool if it was a lot more niche - like you had a general overarching skill set and specialized skills in that set. If you use daggers a lot, you should be better at daggers, not so much swords - and if you use flame spells, you should unlock perks for fire spells besides (does more damage) - maybe do new things, change the color of fire, how it behaves and so on. Telekinesis could be a whole skill tree unto itself. Maybe you could specialize in grabbing small things like keys, or you're clumsy with smaller stuff, just can't quite "grab" it right, but you're great at bursts of power, something like a forceful push of some kind...

I don't know why I wrote all this out. People are going to see one thing they don't like and ignore the rest.
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User Info: the_quickness

3 months ago#30
More features that would be nice (that people probably won't read)

- Assassins not just attacking you in broad daylight, on an open road, right after declaring that they are an assassin and that you are their target. I mean, c'mon. Be assassins.

- Other people getting random rune/doom stone powers. I'd crap a brick if I saw a Bandit Chief use the Ritual Stone to bring his dead crew back to life.

- Other people actually using racial powers in fights. "Nobody bests an Orc!" should be backed up by something.

- Other successful adventurers would be nice to see

- Someone talking to you shouldn't cripple you when a fight breaks out. When the Cultists and Vampires show up at the same time, and the Vampires start unleashing craziness, and the Cultists go "Are you the Dragonborn?" You shouldn't get stuck in a menu having to answer them while the Vampires are frying you with lightning spells. Maybe people can say stuff, and you can *CHOOSE* if you want to talk to them.

- I don't know, call me old-fashioned, BUT if you have 100% Sneak, mad Sneak perks, you're in the middle of nowhere, your spells are quiet, you've just casted and you're Invisible, you have full Muffled shoes on, and you're in sneak mode (put it all together), you shouldn't be spotted so easily by Couriers and Highway Toll Bandits.

"I have a message for you." HOW DID THIS GUY FIND ME?

- Sneak mode shouldn't just be crouching down. You can sneak around standing up just fine. You just walk on the balls of your feet instead. You could also sneak around laying down, crawling towards an enemy. There should be different sneak postures.

- Why can't we flip around? Why not have some real acrobatics and maybe some parkour type action? Why not zip lines? Get some proper thief/assassin infiltration missions going on.

- Reverse Summoning - a messed up way to possibly kill people - Banish people, or summon creatures to try to take someone back with them to Oblivion. A portal opens, skeletal hands reach out and try to pull the other person back through. Could add a fun assassin element to Conjuration. The spell could keep a person there for some time period and do fixed damage over time like poison while they're in timeout, and spit them out at the end of it, either alive but damaged, or dead, and of course, some people/monsters would be too powerful for it to work on them.

Of course, it wouldn't be fair if the enemy couldn't do it to you, too, so that would be interesting, to once in a while get pulled into a some crazy hellscape and have to try to fight your way back, or just run and hope you beat the clock.

- Dead Thrall to make a comeback but have no level cap, or at least a very high one so it doesn't matter, like 255. Level 40? That was some b.s., man. "OH THIS DEAD CORPSE IS TOO POWERFUL FOR ME TO DO STUFF TO IT."
"What if it was just one guy with six guns?" "Why don't you let me do the thinking, genius?"
- Boondock Saints

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