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User Info: sconekiller

4 months ago#1
eating my way across Skyrim and had some new experiences: first, I was able to raise alteration and speech while in beast form; you'll never guess how I raised speech. Hint: I did it between Dushnik Yal and White Run

I dined on two pinatas (those fellows languishing in hanging cages); not quite enough for a plethora of pinatas, but I could have had a trifecta if i'd gone on to White River Watch

slaughtered the hired thugs sent by the dead orc to avenge the dead orc who was among the dead orcs I slaughtered to start my killing spree (but I forgot to harvest the hearts of the dead orcs before I left! Doh!(vahkin))

rescued a prisoner from some imperials and then rescued him again from a pair of wolves, and then he died trying to rescue me when a dragon crashed the party. (remembered to grab the heart this time; waste not want not, eh)

picked up a word from a wall (another hint as to the speech raising) and a soul from the dragon, so all in all...not a bad day

possible tip of actual use: quaffed 8 bowls of veggie soup before another cross-country and boy, can that little doggy run! (save first: most of my werewolf freezes occur dashing through the woods)

User Info: Olld-Onne

4 months ago#2
Let me guess, a bard that sort of hit his face on some rocks. That means you banged two Hagravens as well. Not literally/literallly depending on what you take banged to mean of course lol.
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