Archery Grind (Spoilers Possible)

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User Info: Joe_Bob_The_Man

5 months ago#1
After I train to 50 for free w/ Faendal as my follower, what next ? I remember there being a trainer in the companions.
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User Info: SusanGreenEyes

5 months ago#2
Aela can train you from 50 to 75, and for free if you take her on as a follower.
Levels 75 to 90 are Niruin in The Thieves Guild, although you have to pay for training.
Go to Angi's Camp or read skill books if you still need a few levels past 90.
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User Info: Veezara

5 months ago#3
If you have Dawnguard and Hearthfire can get it to 90 from Sorrine. not free but can farm the money back Buy a homestead. In the garden plant 5 Mora Tapinella, 3 Scaly Pholiota and 3 Creep Clusters.When you harvest get 3 MT, 5 SP and 5 CC which is why you plant it this way. Get 15 of each If you have a greenhouse can get a lot more. fill the large planters with the 3 ingredients, well 4 MT in one, 4 SP in one, 4 CC in one and plant a few MT in the surrounding pots. You'll need high alchemy skills but with that and good alchemy enchanted gear you can make very expensive potions. The garden outside alone gives enough for 15 creep/scaly/mora potions every 2 in game days. Train with Sorine and then sell her the potions.
Another option, if you have low alchemy then you'll need to grind a bit to get it high enough to make all the gold back for training 5 levels above 75.Disenchant any weapon that has the banish enchantment. A weapon of Banishing, Expelling or Annihilating. It can make an expensive iron dagger with a petty soul gem. One small thing, if you have very low enchanting then a petty soul gem will start offering with summoned daedra level 1 will be banished. That will make a cheap weapon, set it to 9 and it will be worth more. Lesser soul gems and anything higher will start by offering to banish daedra level10 or lower, then at the maximum available so won't need to change it. Then as you get a bit of experience with enchanting petty soul gems will start to do the same. Can train then sell her banish daggers instead.
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User Info: Olld-Onne

5 months ago#4
You can just paralyze the trainer and take it all back anyway when they try to get up.
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User Info: sconekiller

5 months ago#5
as Susan mentioned you can achieve five levels by finding the various skill books, which I find makes an interesting diversion from general questing. I usually go after the books in the Huntsman Inn in Whiterun, Aela's room in Jorvasskar, the troll cave near the Ritual Stone, the hunter's camp outside Riften and near Autumnshade Clearing, and the dead hunter's body in Autumnshade Clearing. you can find these books elsewhere but these are the closest/easiest

you can get an additional five levels from reading the Oghma Infinium though you might want to use that boost in magic instead depending on your character
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User Info: redtide1962

5 months ago#7
I just tested this stuff out to confirm it. It takes 35 minutes to take your Archery skill from 15-100 on a fresh character by shooting bound arrows at your horse.

Bound Bow spell tome (found at Fort Amol prison in a bucket)
Your own Horse (any of them work)
Necromancer Amulet (reward from the Windhelm non-combat quest Blood on the Ice; this single unique amulet allows even a level 1 character to cast the spell)
Thief Stone (unless you are playing with the unofficial patch, which uses the Warrior stone instead)
Well-rested +10% EXP from sleeping at an Inn

Stand next to your horse and press your attack button over and over, firing minimum-draw bound arrows and recasting Bound Bow every 2 minutes.
If you are willing to take the Mystic Binding perk (requires Lv20 Conjuration and two skill points to reach), this will only take a total of 30 minutes instead of 35, as your EXP per arrow goes just over 14%.

User Info: mandalore2385

5 months ago#8
I take it the minimum draw distance is what keeps your horse from dying? Interesting.

User Info: redtide1962

5 months ago#9
yeah, you'll do half damage this way for full EXP, still fire (more like drop) arrows about fast as possible, and maximize the ease of just "doing it". Your magicka should fully restore within 2 minutes (the duration of Bound Bow) so you'll maintain the well-rested bonus and get it done in a single sitting. Well under an hour of your time, about 35 minutes from the moment you begin the animal abuse. Overdraw can be taken after you get to 100 if you are worried about killing your horse on accident (although this should only happen on lower difficulties as it is).

User Info: SusanGreenEyes

5 months ago#10
I've heard about using arrows on horses but I can't bring myself to do it.
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Been a murder, over in Riften. Some old lady who runs an orphanage. Those poor children must be heartbroken.
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