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User Info: Guide

4 months ago#11
Also good to keep in mind that the summoned bow has the fastest draw speed in the game.
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User Info: Wiaru

4 months ago#12
A sneak archer is my main and I frequently forego sneak to get around more quickly. From that experience, if you are undergeared, sneak will be sorely missed. Any powerful unit that gets into melee distance will ruin your day. And without that opening attack, it'll happen a lot at low levels. On the other hand, if you are geared, sneak is no longer relevant. So, you'll probably have a hard time until you get your gear and enchants up to par.

User Info: Joe_Bob_The_Man

4 months ago#13
How about a sneak archer rolling in Thieves Guild gear, not smithed ?
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User Info: mandalore2385

4 months ago#14
Joe_Bob_The_Man posted...
How about a sneak archer rolling in Thieves Guild gear, not smithed ?

That will work, although the DB armor is better for the archery bonus granted by the hood.

Linwe's armor is also better suited for combat.

User Info: sconekiller

4 months ago#15
familiar with the hot keys? I usually put bow on the left key, 2H sword on the right key, and then manually select healing and conjuration with the left and right hand; then you can quickly switch from bow to sword when the baddies are closing in, and then switch to healing/conjuration to repair damage/summon help

alternatively I'll put the torch or shield in the right hot key and manually select a one-handed weapon in the right hand. saves a bit of time and you're not always pausing the action to go to the menu to make changes. be aware some items take longer to draw than others this way (one handed swords magically appear in your left hand but you have to go through the whole drawing the weapon out of the sheath depiction to get them in your right hand)

you can also hot key shouts/powers and apparel (I like to nude up mid-dive when leaping off precipices into water)

User Info: Olld-Onne

4 months ago#16
If a sneak archer is getting caught then they are not a sneak archer lol.
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