About stewarts for your manors

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User Info: KronosNether

5 months ago#1
We know that we can have up to three manors in skyrim right?well im asking if we can have three stewarts in the three manors.I know i can have a wife to stay in one to keep it but is it all i can have?
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User Info: Delta-Sierra

5 months ago#2
You can have a steward at each. Just take the follower you want to be steward to the site and a dialogue option should appear.


User Info: DuneMan

5 months ago#3
Cautionary heads up though, there's a glitch involving hirelings that become stewards so it's generally better to stick to people that follow you for free.
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User Info: Dethuli

5 months ago#4
How many Colberts can you have?
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User Info: Olld-Onne

5 months ago#5
What is a Colbert per chance?
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  3. About stewarts for your manors

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