Level 57 and have not even started the main quest. (spoilers)

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  3. Level 57 and have not even started the main quest. (spoilers)

User Info: BongSabre

4 months ago#11
"I have finished the game without touching the main quest." ~Chuck Norris
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User Info: squallken1

4 months ago#12
Alright, I'm level 64 and I think its time to start the main quest. I need to take advantage of the Ebony Blade by giving it its meals (while feeling good about it) and the only way to get it is to start the main story quest and than means having dragons appear.

User Info: sconekiller

4 months ago#13
if you don't finish the civil war before you try to finish the main story you have to go through a tedious peace council at High Hrothgar and dragons can be a nuisance while you're hopping here and there to complete civil war tasks; so if you intend to complete the civil war on this playthrough i'd do it first.

I wish they had come up with a way to bypass some of the monologues and dialogues you have to go through each time you play the game

User Info: Vypernight

4 months ago#14
I thought you had to complete at least Dragon Rising before you could get far in the civil war.

User Info: Olld-Onne

4 months ago#15
LOOOPS posted...
Olld-Onne posted...
He can steal them as long as the cultist have turned up so you dont even have to go to Solstheim to witness the daylight robbery infront of your eyes, actually the time of day does not matter. Day, night even The Forgotten Vale, Miraak shows why the thieves guild is crumbling, he stole all the thieving books to magnify his soul stealing skills

I've never had him show up before going to Solstheim.

Then he must have glitched for me as I never went there and he started stealing souls before I even went right after killing the cultists in Whiterun.
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  3. Level 57 and have not even started the main quest. (spoilers)

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