Why do people hold this as a standard for RPGs?

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  3. Why do people hold this as a standard for RPGs?

User Info: LOOOPS

6 months ago#21
Disagree completely about Dark Souls haven't more build variety. Every character in that game feels exactly the same.
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User Info: drwize

6 months ago#22
Skyrim, much like FF7, is a game where many people who were uninitiated lost their virginity (For many Skyrim was the first Elderscrolls RPG much like FF7 was the first FF for many gamers), thus it is vastly overrated compared to its counterparts.

In terms of content Skyrim is not even close to Daggefall. I think even Morrowind is more of an RPG than Skyrim. I think Skyrim is GTA with Dragons. The game is dull now because it doesn't over lasting appeal, especially with their one size fits all class system.

But, I will say, Skyrim has had a lasting appeal on the masses more than I thought it would. Good or bad, that has to be mentioned.
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User Info: LOOOPS

6 months ago#23
drwize posted...

In terms of content Skyrim is not even close to Daggefall.

Not sure what your point is here since most of that content is randomly generated crap.
Shoot first, think never.

User Info: Casual_Carnage

6 months ago#24
Harokaihime posted...
And actually, standards sucks, the best rpg I ever played is Divinity Original Sin, which maybe will shine with 2, or people will still dismiss it.

I've only heard good things about Divinity 2, a lot of people are saying it's really good.

BlackChocoboSox posted...
We've all explored every dungeon about 100 times now and there's no new content to keep us going.

Uhm, mods? The reason a crap ton of people still play/talk about this game for so long is that, between the PC, X1, and PS4 release, a lot of them have modded the s*** out of it. PS4 less so than others because Sony shafted them. The reason people like Beth games so much is because the mod support is so well integrated that you can basically tune the game into whatever personal experience you want regardless of what the developers intended. There's very, very few games (and even fewer RPGs) that have as many options in this regard and most of them are exclusive to one platform (PC).

Besides Skyrim is definitely not this huge standard that every WRPG is compared to, that title belongs to Witcher 3 right now. Walk into any new RPG thread and you're going to see comparisons to Witcher 3's writing/quests and everybody sucking CDPR's d*** for creating it. It's practically a meme to circlejerk over Witcher 3 and its DLC at this point.
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User Info: Sparkey528

6 months ago#25
I don't because everything skyrim is praised for, most good yet alone amazing games, do it better. Skyrim do not have a good story, good npcs, or even a good battle system. Three things I need in a rpg. Skyrim has great exploration, but other games flat out have it better. Skyrim has infinite quests, but they aren't meaningful. It's not to say it is a bad game, but it isn't that good.
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User Info: NeroDantes

6 months ago#26
Well Skyrim is not like other RPG's the p[tion to go First Person and Third Person freely is another experience. No other RPG does this. Im currently playing Dragons Dogma and its super awesome the Boss fights are epic AF. But Skyrim is still my baby.
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User Info: DuneMan

6 months ago#27
Sparkey528 posted...
Skyrim has great exploration, but other games flat out have it better.

Which games handle world exploration better than Skyrim?
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User Info: C104K3D

6 months ago#28
Dunno, I liked Morrowind and Oblivion much more, as far as the ES series goes. Let's not get into PSX rpgs.

I think it's because a lot of generation z kids grew up with Skyrim, lol. They never got to experience better games at the time.

User Info: jing0000

6 months ago#29
I don't. I hold Morrowind as the the standard for the open world wrpg genre.

I hold Skyrim as one of the standards for the action adventure modding standard (which can turn it into the standard for RPGs)

User Info: Sirusavath

6 months ago#30
Not to nitpick, but Skye in is only 6 years old. It came out 11/11/11.
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  3. Why do people hold this as a standard for RPGs?

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