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User Info: SanAndreas_Gurl

4 months ago#1
Hi, friends. I have never played Skyrim but am considering purchasing it. What tips would you give for getting started in the game?
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User Info: Wiaru

4 months ago#2
Consider a range attack. Even if you are set on a melee class, consider picking up a bow or destruction or something. It'll make your life easier. If you are planning on being ranged, even better. If you enjoy a Stealth class, sneak (attack) is very powerful and highly recommended. Sneak archers specifically is probably the most OP build.

Crafting trees are also highly recommended as it consistently provides the best armor, weapons, and potions in the game. Especially if you use all 3 together. Alchemy to improve smithing and enchanting. Craft OP armor. Enchant OP armor with OP enchants. You can even take it a step further than that, but I'll let you discover that on your own.

Honestly though, don't stress about it. Play the game the way you want to play. The game is the most streamlined in the series and its very balanced no matter what you choose.

User Info: JustThink1st

4 months ago#3
Also, be careful. The non-linear nature of the game allows you to encounter enemies (stuff like giants but also bears, Mage cults ect) that may not b level appropriate to fight. So in the open world where it doesn't auto save make sure to save before an encounter that looks dicey. Other then that just have fun.
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User Info: Wiaru

4 months ago#4
To piggyback off what JustThink1st said - save often and don't rely on just one save. Keep a lot of saves in case your game experiences issues or if an NPC unknowingly died. That way you can safely roll back without starting over. Not that losing an NPC ruins your game, but you might be able to save them if you are particularly fond of them or their shop or something. Not cool to lose your favorite blacksmith vendor for example.


4 months ago#5
don't spread your perks too thin
focus on 3 skill trees. offense, defense, crafting
turn off auto save
don't worry about min maxing you will be op even if you don't

it's better if you discover new things on your own than to spoil it for yourself
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User Info: sconekiller

4 months ago#6
follow the main questline the first playthrough. it's okay to take the occasional sidequest, but don't spend a lot of time exploring the open world (save that for later)

get a follower and try not to kill them accidentally. invest in magicka and learn to cast a flame atronach. followers and atronachs make the combat more manageable

User Info: MasterAdeptAlex

4 months ago#7
If you're going to play this on the 360, the game will sometimes freeze on you. To prevent it from freezing frequently. Install the game and don't make too many save files, and turn off the auto save. Save manually every chance you get.

My game has frozed on me often. But I save a lot,
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User Info: Guide

4 months ago#8
Do whatever you feel like doing. Games of this nature aren't really there to be beaten. There is a main quest that you can beat, there if you want, but the whole game is open-ended in nature, there to explore and/or collect from and/or fight through.

I'm a stealth pervert. I like climbing mountains that aren't designed to be climbed, so that I can drop down onto a dragon's lair and surprisestab the everliving f*** out of em.

I also like following NPCs through their day without ever being detected by them, or anyone. The harder it is to stay hidden, the better.

Some people like loading up on the heaviest armor and weapons they can find and going psycho on bandit camps. Some people like sitting back and letting their followers and summons do all the work. Some people are evil and crazy. Some are just crazy.
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User Info: Sephirothe

4 months ago#9
Save your game and attack the first giant camp you come across. Emphasis on "save your game"
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User Info: SusanGreenEyes

4 months ago#10
Sephirothe posted...
Save your game and attack the first giant camp you come across. Emphasis on "save your game"

Mix up a few potions of Canis Root and Imp Stool to paralyze the giants before attacking. Your potions will be very weak so you will need to plan on using 3 potions per giant.
You can't paralyze mammoths with the potion but it may stun them for a second.
Only attack the giant if there aren't mammoths there.
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