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User Info: Sephirothe

1 year ago#11
Ramza1 posted...
Sephirothe posted...
(enchant xp is based on the value of the enchantment)

Nope. I invite you to carefully test it on a fresh character or freshly legendary'd enchanting skill, that way, if there is a difference, you'll be able to easily tell.

All enchants yield the same xp. Potions and smithing products offer xp based on monetary value, but enchanting doesn't. Disenchanting items does, but that only works once per effect and is generally not worth worrying about.

I've tested this quite carefully, give it a try.

The real advantage of using expensive effects is that you can use the extra money to buy more soul gems and items to make more enchants. So in that way, it sort of does help you level faster by giving you more materials to work with, but that's it.

I'll take your word for it. I haven't played this game in a few years, so my memory is kinda rusty
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User Info: josifrees

1 year ago#12
Use conjuration perk that cast soul trap when you use bound weapons
You will improve whatever fighting skill you choose, gain conjuration and have filled soul gems for enchanting.

I advise you got to winterhold and purchase as many empty petty and lesser gems as you can and try to collect low weight enchantables
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User Info: meanspirit90

1 year ago#13
Yes Harmony or Detect Life on Whiterun is definetely the fastest one.

Btw If the goal is only fast levelling, Pick the least amount of work done to level up said skill to 100. For Enchanting I suggest doing it with the help of trainer if you like, Do that Dibella quest so you have access to Master level trainer.

Also value enchantment is kind of Bugged. When at sufficiently high level, the banish Enchantment suddenly dropped in value.
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User Info: Katsuro

1 year ago#14
For alteration, I preferred just going into combat, casting stoneflesh over and over, wait (need to be a certain distance from enemy) and repeat. Some areas you can go from 15-100 w/o the enemy leaving.

Alternately, if you just want lvl 78, sneak attacking ralof/hadvar is probably the easiest and fastest "non cheat/exploit" way.

Regardless, if you are opposed to the fast travel alteration leveling, then running around with a spell isn't far off from that.
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User Info: Katsuro

1 year ago#15
LordTrinen posted...
Get a horse. Put a Novice Destruction spell in one hand and Healing Hands in the other. Make sure Healing Hands is stronger than the Destruction spell. Take the horse someplace safe and isolated and cast both on the horse at the same time. Put some tape on the triggers and make yourself a sandwich. Be sure to come back and move the control stick from time to time to keep the controller from falling asleep.

It's kind of slow but it will boost both Destruction and Restoration at the same time. Have the Mage Stone active.

Which unless you have 100% spell reduction, you simply cannot tape and leave. Resto you can by entering the laser in Kilkreath and heal while having the atronach stone or perk
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