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User Info: AchyCircle6904

8 months ago#1
Well, This has been happening frequently... Skyrim on my Xbox 360 has over 300 hours of gameplay on it, and it would be great to be able to play again. There are many different scenarios in which it crashed, so I'll list them.

-I have a flash drive where I store all my Skyrim data on, just to know

1- Every time I load the game, it shows the logo, and after a few seconds it crashes.

2-If I get passed that, the Storage device selector appears, I select my USB, and none of my progress shows up, forcing me to turn off my console. Sometimes the selector doesn't even appear, showing me my in-built storage, which my progress isn't on.

3- If those 2 don't happen, my progress loads, I select "Load", and select my previous save. Now, 2 things happen. A) After 2 minutes of loading, the movement and music freeze, having me reset the Xbox. B)The same thing happens as A, but instead it crashes.

4- If I somehow manage to get into the game, It freezes after 3 minutes every time I got this far. Weirdly, If I save in these 3 minutes, it crashes after a while and when re-loaded it doesn't show the save. Also, any loading screen can have number 3 happen anytime.

For clarification, My disc has no scratches, my USB definitely has enough storage remaining, and I have tried a few strategies. I just need help to get the game running again.

User Info: MertensCW

8 months ago#2
No clue what's wrong but this is what i'd do if i were you.
Hold A to boot the game and hold it until the Bethesda logo or press start prompt.
Not sure if this helps because i couldn't find any mention of it working like it did for Oblivion but for what its worth the game has frozen less often than it did before i started doing it and it was happening quite often before then.

Try booting the game without the USB.
Try an older save.
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User Info: Katsuro

8 months ago#3
Mine freezes from time to time as well.

First, if able, transfer the data to the harddrive/memory unit and off the stick. From my experience (had the game itself and saves on thumbdrive), the game froze and graphics were not nearly as "crisp" as on the harddrive. I am no tech, but I suspect the thumbdrive simply wasnt meant for any activity.

If the thumbdrive is not recognized when loading the game, try pushing it in firmly before you load Skyrim. I have this issue sometimes, where it doesnt show as a storage unit.

Lastly, where is the game itself (ie disc or digital download location)? if it is a disc, is it scratched? If a download like me, is it on the drive or MU/HDD? It also could be the 360 is just on its last leg, depending on the age of it. Mine is, sadly, as the eye doesnt read and the aforementioned issues
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