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User Info: NoctustheOwl

1 year ago#1
simple to figure out. say what you named an item you enchanted.

Fortify Illusion and Conjuration: Illusion King. a ring. some master illusionists were said to be able to call on the spirits of the dead.

Fortify Destruction and Alteration: Explode. a necklace. i figure this one made sense because when you "destroy" something, you "change" it into something else.

Fortify Restoration and Waterbreathing: Healing Waters Helm. obviously a helmet.

Fortify Sneak and Carry Weight: Dragonplate Boots of Sneak. obviously boots. :p

Fortify Smithing and Pickpocket: Ebony Gauntlets of Forge. obviously gauntlets.

User Info: Ghostfeet

1 year ago#2
Qahnaarin's Hunger Dragonbone 1-hnd sword, chaos & soul trap

Have a complete set of Crafters (grip, insight, skill etc) fortify smithing/alchemy
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User Info: LordTrinen

1 year ago#3
I name my enchanted items after whoever's soul I used to make the enchantment. With their souls forever bound to these relics, they go on display in my homes.

Then my Dragonborn lounges about, enjoying his great wealth and all the pleasures life has to offer in full view of his collection. He sips a glass of wine and grins evilly with the knowledge that all his prisoners are quietly wailing in despair as they watch him enjoy all the pleasures they are now denied...

Not entirely lore friendly but this is a roleplay idea I had a lot of fun with before. :)

User Info: SinisterSandman

1 year ago#4
I mix up the names of Mutants from X-Men who have abilities that match the weapon's.


You know, whatever.
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User Info: Katsuro

1 year ago#5
I usually base my names off of other games equipment, with the relevant enchantments if able.

I am researching Katana names, with the exception of Celestial Fury. Will do armor as well from the Everquest/Forgotten Realms series
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User Info: BrelenRaven

1 year ago#6
I had a Breton girl who punched the s*** out of everything in Daedric armor. Her stuff was called,

Sweety's Hat
Sweety's Shirt
Sweety's Mittens
Sweety's Booties

Don't remember the Enchantments, but yeah. :D

I usually just name my stuff pretty boring names. Like, Necklace of Mercantile, Ring of the Swordsman, Sword of Thunder, ect.

I should make a character with just silly gear. Like, a Waraxe named Hacks-at-You or a shirt that Fortifies Health called Hit Points. Or make Erik a set of armor called Cuirass of the Ho Pusher. :3
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User Info: Darg727

1 year ago#7
Two Handed Boner - It was a shocking experience

Big Stick - wooden sword that drains life and causes fear

Rumpelstiltskin - undead turning fork

User Info: DrunkenPeasant

1 year ago#8
I name my absorb health swords 'Bloodthirst blades.'

I made a powerful shock bow once and named it the 'Finger of Talos.'

Any blades I flame enchant are traditionally dubbed 'Fireheart.'
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User Info: Wiaru

1 year ago#9
I usually craft entire sets instead of individual items. So I usually give set names so they are all sorted together.

Stalker Ring
Stalker Helm
Stalker etc

User Info: CommonGrackle

1 year ago#10
since I switch back and forth between equipment a lot, I use simple names:

"stab and pick ring" for a ring with fortify one-handed and fortify pickpocket
"alchem hat" for a fancy hat with fortify alchemy
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