Hardcore RP rules?

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User Info: Core54

7 months ago#11
This is my build rn
Rules are no fast travel (except carriages), no potions only food, one type of arrow; one weapon for defense as in she is a hunter; one bow; and one set of armor, have to read books when I open them, eat food or drink something once a day, 100 weight only.

Her backstory is that she was orphaned at a young age because when she was 7 she saw a group of companions rape and murder her mother and then her father died trying to protect the mother. "Faith" survived but now wants revenge for her mom and dad. She plans to infiltrate the companions, gain the power of the werewolf and then kill all the men in the Companion Guild.

After that she'll live in Whiterun, get married to Jordis-Sword Maiden, adopt two daughters. Hunt for a living. She hates the stormcloaks. Takes no part in the war unless she had to join. Never pays her bounties always goes to jail. Will not be a murderer or a thief. Will not take part in her dragon born destiny. Spends an hour a day at a shrine and always leaves a flower as part of her prayer. Hates vampires so she will join the dawnguard. And she doesn't use magic.

User Info: DuneMan

7 months ago#12
K1LL3R-J31 posted...
I'm a personal fan of the no fast-traveling except with carriages rule.

I like that route as well. It gives you a reason to walk through the countryside to discover unmarked locations and forgotten pathways over the mountains.
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User Info: NoctustheOwl

7 months ago#13
sadly, i cant do the no fast-traveling challenge without a mod. im too impatient. or too focused on getting the objective done.

User Info: Ritalinfiend

7 months ago#14
I usually role play a belief that enchanting is evil since it consumes white souls, preventing reincarnation, or consigns black souls to the soul cairn. Prevents you from becoming obsurdly OP too.
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User Info: Katsuro

7 months ago#15
The base really depends on what type of char you want to rp. A hunter would have different requirements than say a drunken Dragonslayer.

What type of char will you want to play and I can give my suggestions
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