Hardcore RP rules?

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User Info: Pairedsnake

7 months ago#1
Generally I play with light RP y'know like eat/sleep/drink and a short backstory kind of thing
Was wanting to start up a new character with some heavier RP and was looking for suggestions on rules for it to make it more immersive/ challenging?
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User Info: Captn_Flounder

7 months ago#2
Gold Team Rules!
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User Info: ThurmanThomas34

7 months ago#3
No looting. All your gold must be earned from crafting. It makes it feel like your character has an actual craft to earn a living, and keeps you from easily obtaining over powered gear.

User Info: Rhade

7 months ago#4
Only steel armor (or companion armor) like a true Nord. No magic.

Or RP blades and only use their weapons (i.e. Bolars oathblade). Or RP a troll hunter and use trollsbane...Or something along those lines

No fast travelling ( use carriages)

User Info: K1LL3R-J31

7 months ago#5
I'm a personal fan of the no fast-traveling except with carriages rule.
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User Info: Pairedsnake

7 months ago#6
So far we have
1. No looting
2. No fast travel
3. Only use equipment fitting of the RP
4. A preference for Gold team
I'll have my typical eating/ drinking/ sleeping

What about leveling up and training any thoughts on those and maybe a weight limit?
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User Info: Darg727

7 months ago#7
You can stick to a limited number of perks...say 30.

Roleplay a magic user that only uses staves as they don't have the inherent ability to use magic.

Carry 100 pounds of nothing to limit your weight to make stamina more useful as a level up perk.

User Info: HC_MannyXOXO

7 months ago#8
Dead is dead?

User Info: Pairedsnake

7 months ago#9
Ah I like those ideas thank you :)
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User Info: blcpack

7 months ago#10
I am currently doing a playthrough with somewhat similar restrictions, I would reccommend making certain that the restrictions fit the character-for example my toon is a paladin type with these rules:
No enchanting
No fast travel
Very limited magic (no offensive or conjuration, basically only healing/turn undead/armor spells)
No stealing
No sneak attacking of "people"
Must do aedra quests
No daedra quests other than Dawnbreaker

TL/DR: if you are role-playing let whatever restrictions you use match the type of character you wish to be.
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