Wooden plate in Aetherium Forge

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User Info: Katsuro

1 year ago#1
Screwing around, I thought I would try using a plate to enter the corridors that have the 2 chests (not the one across the lake, the ones that you hug the wall to get in the lava).

If you go up the ramps (one on each side where the boss chest is and the chest with forge materials), you can use a plate near the top (the larger space between pillar type things) and can reach the corridor that has the exiting gate.

It may take a couple tries, you can just as easily drop into "water" and swim near those entrances, but also take fire damage when you actually reach the entrance. I havent taken any damage by being in the "water" part. Sprinting and moving toward the corridor (you should be able to see some of the glitched outline of it) seems to help.

I was supremely disappointed with the contents, perhaps I was just unlucky
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  3. Wooden plate in Aetherium Forge

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