With how well this game holds up today, it's crazy to think how good ES6 will be

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  3. With how well this game holds up today, it's crazy to think how good ES6 will be

User Info: Ic3Bullet

7 months ago#11
It'll never live up to whatever hype it gets.

User Info: YAMBAG84

7 months ago#12
Skyrim appealed more to the casual gamer in my opinion, such as CoD. Anyone could pick it up and play it and also level up their skills easily...way too easily. I didn't have a problem with the game, I loved every bit of it, but I still feel like they were trying to appeal to a broader audience, the mainstream. Either way, when ES VI is announced, I'm pre-ordering the biggest bundle available, because I LOVE the series.

User Info: NoctustheOwl

7 months ago#13
i wish they hadnt got rid of the guild ranking system, class system, and magic crafting systems though. the guild ranking system was especially needed for skyrim, the guilds dont feel as fleshed out then they did in both morrowind and oblivion. sure, the companions make sense, but doing enough missions to make sure the entire Circle will accept you, that would have been nice.

User Info: Final_Saint

7 months ago#14
Hopefully We actually see a ES6 and not just never ending ESO content.
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User Info: vhiran

7 months ago#15
ES6 won't come until 2022, it will probably have f*** all to do with ES5. I expect the creation club will have modders band together and finish the cancelled redguard DLC with Bethesda's help to close the book on this game.
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User Info: thelocalhentai

7 months ago#16
Creation engine is showing it's age. While they may release another game or two on the current iteration of the engine (most likely remasters FO3 and Morrowind), the updated engine is most likely the release points for the newer beth games.

User Info: Supremo

6 months ago#17
Refreshing to see someone talking good things about Skyrim, usually we see "Skyrim is terrible without mods" etc...

I first played Skyrim in 2015, loved it, clocked about 200 hours in it but didn't even finish the main quest.

This year, I bought Fallout 4, also loved it, clocked 200 hours in it and actually finished the main quest (which is more interesting than the Skyrim one).

After being done with FO4, it bugged me that I didn't finish Skyrim main quest, so I loaded my old save, a lvl 42 stealth Khajit and finally finished it.
The game is so addicting though, that I again started a new game, this time with an Orc, and specialized in Smithing (maxed out and saw the Dragon Armours for the 1st time since getting the game 2 years ago), Two Handed and Heavy Armour. Now I'm level 30 Daedric Armour, already in the Alduin Battle, lol. 300 hours now

Smithing took a lot of patience. Don't know if I'll ever do it again.
Every moment gives us a chance to become more than what we are. - Ryu

User Info: spooky96

6 months ago#18
Whenever I tried playing Skyrim back in highschool or early college days I always found it overwhelming. Just a few days back I played my first video game (not counting stuff like FIFA) in about 2 years and just WOAH this game is f***ing awesome. It isn't even complicated, dunno why it felt too much a few years back. Its an awesome game - immersive world, great soundtrack, so much stuff to do - crafting, lockpicking minigames, hybrid playstyle of Warrior and Mage (in my current run), factions and other quests...

Simply amazing.
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  3. With how well this game holds up today, it's crazy to think how good ES6 will be

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