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  3. Why is this game so popular even today after almost 5 years?
JamesBR27 4 years ago#1
Really, please enlighten me. I have played this game (without mods but with a trainer) and I cant get why this game is still the most popular on gamefaqs everyday for many months until today. Sure the world is HUGE, but is also so boring to navigate it, not even a nude mod (the only one I use) can make this game better.

Is it the mods that make this game last so long?

Edit to the title: After almost 6 (six) years.
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vonVolik 4 years ago#2
First, there are always a game or 2 that a gamer will have a special affinity for, wether it is the genre, setting, or some other intangable. This game just happened to click for a lot of gamers, and there are plenty more who don't see the appeal. So there is nothing wrong with you not getting it, and I am not sure if anyone can explain it well enough for you to fully understand.

My thought on why this game is special for players, is because it is a sandbox that you can role play in / choose your own adventure. In order to do that you have to be willing to create a narrative in your own mind, give your character a back story, and limit yoirself on which quests to chase after. There are plenty of gamers that don't like this style, or just don't want to play this way. Which is why they move on to other games that they appritiate more.

By examples of this, I have heard of players just becoming a hunter in the woods, and ignoring the dames quests, others have played a pure mage, or thief, and just took off for the guilds as soon as they were free to.

I hope this helps.
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cataclisma 4 years ago#3
JamesBR27 4 years ago#4
I appreciate any replies that tries to explain this to me. VonVolik, your reply helped yes. I guess this game is too time consuming to me, its kind of strange because I loved The Witcher 3 and took my time in getting the platinum and that game took more than 200 hours of my time, but those were amazing moments. I cant get the same feeling with Skyrim though.
36 Years Playing Video-Games.
vonVolik 4 years ago#5
Glad you enjoyed Witcher 3, but that game is vastly different from Skyrim due to the strong narative, main quest and side quests were deep and well written. Skyrims weakness is in the writing, and weak plots. Players who get deep into Skyrim are ok with the weaknesses of it, and love to spin there own tale of their character, Witcher 3 does that for you, by having a static main character, with a history.

Enjoy your gaming, and don't worry if a game that is popular doesn't fit your gaming eye. Gaming is no different than musical tastes, we all enjoy what appeals to us, but never be afraid to try new things.
Growing up trolls lived under bridges, now they live in their Mom's basement.
JamesBR27 4 years ago#6
Thank you again for your reply.
Dont know if is relevant, but I also finished Dragons Dogma and Kingdoms of Amalur, and these two, alogside TW3 and Skyrim have at least one thing in commom. They are have junk to loot on the ground, like plants, excluding TW3 those two have many more things in common with Skyrim.
36 Years Playing Video-Games.
Kompis_Kanin 4 years ago#7
For me it's the immersion. No other game does it as well. I guess old WoW is up there, which also was a really popular game
Deep down inside we all know Dark Souls 2 is the best one
Darg727 4 years ago#8
I just have to point out that it's been over 5 years. Second, it's fantasy with dragons with completely open character development.
AshtonRPG7 4 years ago#9
1- To me it's the unboring navigation, seriously, I don't get the dislike of the navigation, there is fast travel after all or is it that I just love alchemy and roaming gathering things?

2- Alchemy... take dragon's dogma style (medieval magical dragon setting) and add it a pinch of atelier games and you have skyrim, while I love the two mentioned games skyrim brings them both into one engine, why not love it?

3- Harvest, ehhh... Similar to alchemy, just keep cooking adding Harvest Moon elements of harvesting, cooking, chopping, mining, riding a horse, getting married, having kids with a pet to boot. Etc etc etc... again all those dumped into one single game,, who says you have to slay alduin each time to feel any acomplishment... own all houses and build everything in them, that can take a good chunk of time and fun that some are willing to do it not once but many times even only partially

4- Collection, seriously... how many games you've played where you get to a point of saying, ""ok i got all trophies, what's next""... skyrim's next, there's still a whole lot of things to do and collect even after getting all trophies and with mods, even more.

5- Restart friendly, just like an mmorpg but offline.. restaring and making one char after another just with the sole purpose of challenging yourself or sharing your bright new ideas with the community is always something enjoyful to be part of,, even after 6 years. You don't need to spend hours before you are capable of doing or getting to x or y place at least in MOST things. And it takes a few mins to get out of helgen to your own adventure, which to boot you can start bare naked or as a highly leveled explorer depending on your grinding patience within helgen.

6- You saw this coming, don't lie..... to ALL that add vampires and lycans?? How can you hate that?? Some may do but face it, most gamers should be bound to love either or both of them, it just goes well with our nature,

7- Here I come baby, from the shadows.... Sneak
All those fun moments sneaking around in tenchu, metal gear, and many other games were indeed heavily fun right? Skyrim also offers that and gives you also a unique experience that none other have,, Illusion.

8- Party friendly... but wait... also a solo gem??? Yup, skyrim again offers a somewhat tedious but workable party system that you can exploit with bugs or mods to expand it further, or you can simply go lone wolf chuck norris style, but you are given the choice, does other games allow this? Of course.... but so does skyrim.

9- I will stop at 9 cause if not the post will become much larger than I intended it to be, im guessing the reason behind skyrim "still" massive popularity is due to the fact of ...."Choice"

A game that can give you lots of different experiences without having to switch the game, it can be passive or challenging, letting you sim, explore, craft, you can live being the good guy or going around stealing and murdering, ... the hell man.. you can even love it if you like reading!!! I dont so I havent read all books, a few quests note here and there, but the choice exists, skyrim makes it so.

And I think im not even halfway done of explainig all the good reason why I think skyrim is still popular after all it's years. I really hope the next elder's scroll geme is just as epic as this one.
DarthSchubert 4 years ago#10
I think it's volume of content. I think TW3 is a better game, but I just reinstalled Skyrim after a few years and there's plenty of content I didn't do before. There's a sort of steady, infinite amount of B/B- content. Whereas a game like The Witcher has 30 hours of A+ content but outside of the good quests, there aren't as many dungeons and such to explore as there are in Skyrim. I can't think of any modern RPG that has anywhere near the content of Skyrim.
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  3. Why is this game so popular even today after almost 5 years?
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