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User Info: ThriftyPiano

1 year ago#1
So recently all of my characters start off the same- straight to power leveling skills, pickpocketing trainers, cycling the dawn star chest.. only to end up a stealthy nightblade. Just about all of my characters are dark elves. So, that said I'm rerolling one last time. I'm avoiding all magic across the board. Going for the sneaky bow/dagger assassin, so

Light armor

Race recommendations? I ALWAYS end up a dunmer. I have problems playing beast races because I can never find a head piece that looks okay on them. Drives me mad.

Is there some way to speed level alchemy? Can't say I've ever leveled it before. Also, once alchemy is 100 could I theoretically resto loop some potions to go from 15 to 100 smithing in one move?

User Info: Katsuro

1 year ago#2
My personal preference for alchemy is planting creep cluster, mora tapinella and scaly pholiota in my lakeview manor garden (3-5-3 each). Yes, there are better potions but this works for my personal preference: easy to get ingredients that continually grow. 15 total pots each harvest (more if you have indoor garden) and leveled to 50 without breaking a sweat (over a few batches)

As for character, Bosmer starts off with some specialization in most of those categories and doesnt look like a prune that the dark elves do. Honestly, I abhor how they look in skyrim compared to other games where I always played as a dark elf.
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User Info: sconekiller

1 year ago#3
little known fact about beasties, you can double-stack the ancient shrouded cowl with any other head-piece of your choice with khajiiti and argos. I prefer light armor so I can equip the Diadem of the Savants (which counts as a piece of light armor for the associated bonus). of course if you're really grinding alchemy and smithing you can get your armor numbers way up there and wear whatever head-piece you desire (or none). love the look of a horned argo wearing dragonscale armor (and khajiit can be seen laying their ears back like real hostile kitties when enemies are near)

if you have hearthfire you can grind alchemy by flowing the roe out of all jumping and some swimming salmon with certain spells, shouts or fireball staves. combine with Nordic barnacles, histcarp or chicken eggs for insanely valuable waterbreathing potions.

User Info: ThriftyPiano

1 year ago#4
Thus far -
I decided on a bosmer. I've dabbled a little in alchemy but can't bring myself to give it a perk yet because it levels so slowly! I'm level ten currently, decided to go for the companions quest line (and the free elven bow inside). I faendel trained my archery to 50 and have perks in that and sneak currently. I'm planning on using the companion followers to train my relevant skills & then I'm off to grind smithing up. I think I'm only going to take smithing to advanced armors and limit myself to what I can craft with that & arcane enchanter for unique items (nightingale bow is a top contender right now).

I'm currently using an elven bow, blackguard chest, DBH head/gloves/boots. No rings or necklaces to speak of just yet.
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