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User Info: octeuron

1 year ago#1
so for some reason the weapons im smithing are not as powerful as before and i cant figure out why.

im level 61, enchanting, smithing and alchemy all at 100 with all the necessary perks (5/5 in both trees etc etc)

for example I have created a daedric legendary bow a while ago (which i still have left over from before) and it is 308 damage, however now that my character is stronger and my smithing gear is better (35wmith/35enchant), the most powerful i can make a deadric bow is with a damage of 247.

any ideas?


User Info: Blitzkrieg182

1 year ago#2
Were you wearing an equipment piece that buffed archery before and now you're not?

User Info: octeuron

1 year ago#3
no, but that wouldnt effect anything because as I said Im literally comparing in my inventory two daedric (legendary) bows: one that I made today and the older one that I made maybe a couple of weeks ago and the older one has 308 damage and todays bow has 247.
So if it was any equipment 'buffing' that would give the higher stat, I would see it on both bows or on neither.

Even the smithing potions that I used today are stronger than whatever i used before.
today I am able to make approx +167% smithing potion and this is what i used today to get the 247 bow. I dont remember what potion i used last time to get the 308 but it could not have been a stronger potion since I would not have been able to create a stronger one since my smithing level was lower and my crafting armor was weaker too. Also, I dont use any resto-pot glitches or anything like that but I do use the falmer/circlet combo for my crafting armor.

The only thing that I do remember about when I was crafting the older weapons is that I was given the option to make them legendary twice.... I only remember cause I thought it was weird but I just moved on... This was within the same potion/sequence of upgrading the weapons (so no - I do not mean that I made them legendary, then left the menu and drank a potion and made legendary again) What I mean is that I drank a potion, wend to the grinding wheel, made the bow legendary, and had the option to make it legendary again right away... I dont know if any of this is relevant but im scratching my head and cannot figure out why I was able to make much stronger weapons before and now that my stats have improved I am making much weaker gear

User Info: Katsuro

1 year ago#4
Quite sure if you were able to legendary twice (or more), that will add the extra buff on.
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User Info: SusanGreenEyes

1 year ago#5
You may have been wearing Fortify Archery gear 2 weeks ago.
Take it off and bow damage goes down.
One example is Shrouded Armor.
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User Info: redtide1962

1 year ago#6
There's like at least ten different things off the top of my head that might explain your plight.
I'd also almost bet my life on just saying that you PROBABLY LET A BUFF EXPIRE WHILE YOU SUPPOSEDLY "TEMPERED TO LEGENDARY TWICE", and the problem now is just that you are almost certainly forgetting a major component of your crafting apparel.

=== These things are necessary to maximize your crafting potential ===
The Ancient Knowledge reward perk is mostly permanent and gives +15% tempering/improving due to a bug.
The enchantments for Foritfy Marksman obviously improve the displayed damage of your bow.
The potion effects for Foritfy Marksman also affect this, which includes a potion you could drink.
The temporary Blessing of Auriel will bestow a minor Fortify Marksman bonus as well.
Seeker of Shadows will improve the potion-making when you make your Fortify Enchanting/Smithing potions.
Seeker of Sorcery can improve the enchantment power when you actually enchant your own gear.
Seeker of Might can improve the smithing power at the time of tempering/improving your gear.
Ahzidal's Helmet and three other pieces gives +10 to your Enchanting skill (taking it to 110) for when you make your enchantments.
You must remake your potions until the potions themselves stack with the previous potion you made. This usually never takes more than 2 loops even at high levels of exploit/crafting.
Vampire Necromage is a glitch/cheat/exploit, but many players enjoy and use it, and it almost always result in weapons that are AN ORDER OF MAGNITUDE STRONGER than they would be otherwise, due to how many times the buff double-dips into your enchanting/alchemy.
All of these things stack on top of the already "relevant perks" you supposedly have taken from the skill tree.

However, for some reason this is not common knowledge but in a similar way to stacking falmer helmets with circlets, you can actually stack a circlet with a falmer helmet, with a worn shrouded cowl, with another circlet, with a penitus oculatus helmet, and also equip a second ring to boot. Here's how you do it to maximize non-restoloop crafting potential:

=== items used/needed ===
Thieves Guild Hood
custom Circlet #1 (Fortify Alchemy)
custom Circlet #2 (Fortify Alchemy)
Worn Shrouded Cowl (Fortify Alchemy)
custom Fine Clothes (Fortify Smithing)
custom Ring #1 (Fortify Alchemy and Fortify Smithing)
custom Ring #2 (Fortify Alchemy and Fortify Smithing, on a different base type ring than the first one)
Penitus Oculatus Helmet (Fortify Alchemy)
Falmer Helmet (Fortify Alchemy)
any gloves (Fortify Alchemy and Fortify Smithing)
any necklace (Fortify Alchemy and Fortify Smithing)
Dunmer Shoes (optional; these are special shoes that can have a Fortify Smithing enchantment)

=== Steps ===
1) equip Thieves Guild Hood
2) equip Worn Shrouded Cowl
3) equip Circlet #1
4) equip Circlet #2
5) equip Fine Clothes
6) equip Ring #1
7) equip Ring #2
8) equip Penitus Oculatus Helmet
9) equip Falmer Helmet
10) equip gloves
11) equip necklace
12) equip Dunmer Shoes

This gives you nine items with Fortify Alchemy, and six with Fortify Smithing equipped simultaneously.
You could argue that it uses no glitches at all, so if you are okay with using the Falmer Helmet, why not go farther and use the Worn Shrouded Cowl, and the Penitus Oculatus helm, and add in a couple of circlets and a ring for our other hand on top of that?

User Info: octeuron

1 year ago#7
SusanGreenEyes posted...
You may have been wearing Fortify Archery gear 2 weeks ago.
Take it off and bow damage goes down.
One example is Shrouded Armor.

so how is it that Im looking at two daedric bows side by side in my inventory and and one is 247 and the other is 308?
i already wrote about this above

User Info: octeuron

1 year ago#8
redtide1962 posted...
There's like at least ten different things off the top of my head that might explain your plight.

redtide, you spent some time in your response, thanx for that.

the ancient knowledge book/perk is something that I used but ironically only on when enchanting the newer weaker bow.

to my knowledge I was not wearing any fortify marksman gear blessings or potions now or before. Again, this would not explain why one is stronger side by side with the other

seeker of shadows - i did have this on before knowing that ancient knowledge inproves enchanting so it may have been a factor when i created the fortify enchanting potions.

didnt know about the seeker of might improving smithing

ahzidals boots +3, I did use but only on the newer weaker bow as i only learned about this yesterday

i am not a vampire, although i did get accidentally bit one time i guess and i got rid of it as soon as i could but perhaps this was during the time i made the previous bow

damn, i didnt know about this multiple stacking of falmer helmets circlets that you mentioned as an exploit.
to be honest i probably wont use it though cause i dont want to be overpowered and ruin the game.

even with the current weaker bow, i am still OP and not complaining, i was just more curious as to why the older bow was so much stronger.

thanx again, i think youve found the cause/s of the difference in damage.
still, im surprised it is such a big change as 308 to 247 is quite alot

User Info: ValiantKnight

1 year ago#9
Since you are able to compare both bows now, that rules out any chance of it being fortify marksman of any kind. It has to be in the enchanting/smithing/alchemy tree. My best guess would be vampirism "IF" you have the necromage perk. If you do not, then it can not be vampirism as it would not affect crafting without necromage. Outside of that, a drop that big is hard to fathom given what you've explained.
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