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User Info: ThatOneStranger

4 years ago#31

I stayed quiet the entire time.
I was beginning to regret working for Manus. It was all falling apart.
His plan, my trust, maybe even him. Everything.
I think... Maybe I should quit... I doubt his plan will work, anyway...


I let the two talk. All I could think of was killing Lykos.
I remembered the battle.
When I ripped Kya's arm off, when I was gored through the chest, when Leandra was cursed, and when Lykos was killing One.

But worst of all... when I almost killed Lykos...
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User Info: Kar31189

4 years ago#32

Leandra stopped or a moment and looked over at Covjek and saw the look he had on his face. She walked over to him and placed a soft hand on his shoulder, "Your regretting how our battle went aren't you? I can see it in your eyes, Angel has the same look on her quite often."

She tilted his head softly to look at her, "When we see them again," She kissed his lips softly, "We will spread their entrails to every corner of Skyrim." She said with a devious smile.

User Info: darkportal785

4 years ago#33

"My sentiments exactly. I was planning to switch once we reached Bruma, we can buy new horses there and set these ones free. Then we can travel into Skyrim without worry."
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User Info: slowguyMike

4 years ago#34

It had been a slow few months in Dawnstar. Not quite as slow as Morthal. Gods, that town was bereft of anything worth his while. Skyrim was proving to be very disappointing. Cotanell dared not go too close to Riften and risk alerting the Thieve's Guild to his presence. Whiterun had been good for a time, but locksmithing (no matter how much he enjoyed it) wasn't going to keep him in any town very long. And it was a bit heavy-handed to break into people's homes and businesses, then sell them a new lock. Tending bar at the Windpeak Inn was slowly getting him where he wanted to be. That would have to do for now. One of the serving girls was flirting with some Nord youth in the corner and looked to be close to taking him upstairs. Perhaps he'd pay a visit to her room after she had lightened the lad's coinpurse and gone to sleep. The only other patron in the room was Leigelf, the owner of the Quicksilver Mine. He'd had plenty, but Cotanell knew he would still have a lot of coin on him. The man seemed mostly asleep, making him a tempting target, but it wasn't worth putting suspicion on himself. It had been only three weeks since Cotanell had stolen 45 septims from Leigelf, and he didn't want to risk exposure for a similar sum. Instead, he walked over and shook Leigelf by the shoulder.

Cotanell: It's after 3 AM Leigelf.

Leigelf (looking warily at the Bosmer as he woke): Uh...Oh, thanks Cotan. (Feeling for his coinpurse.) I really ought to be going home, work has been too slow at the mine and I need to be there...more (staggering slightly as he stands.)

Cotanell: Good night to you, then.

Cotanell took Leigelf's grunt as an answer and looked over corner. The Nord and his company were gone. He knew the girl's take would be pretty small in comparison with what the mine owner would've had, but it seemed to allay Leigelf's suspicions that he hadn't taken anything. Even so, it might be a bit more fun to move on again.
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User Info: TwoBladesOneBow

4 years ago#35
With my pack filled with ingredients and my coinpurse empty I walk out of the store. Kya should be done soon and Jaythorn can meet us by the gates. Really need to talk to Fenrir about what is going on. I didn't give him and Drake their ranks so they can lose battles in my absence. If I retire or if I am killed I need to know that my army is in good hands. That assassination attempt however does worry me. It seems our enemy knows who to target.
"Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherf****** dragons in this motherf****** game!"

User Info: Kar31189

4 years ago#36

Finishing his improvements to his gear he walked over to the main gate and waited for Lykos to show.

User Info: Curved_Sw0rd

4 years ago#37

I managed to get a good portion of sleep in. only one nightmare, and it was barely anything worrisome.

"So what do you think they'll throw at us next?" I asked Geraud sleepily.


After a good bit of walking we made it back to Whiterun, Silver already back in Riverwood.

"Sera, we can finish our conversation at my bar. For now, I need to go check up on my family, okay?"

Then I saw Lykos wandering about. "Hmmm..."

I walked over to him. "Hello, general." I greeted. "Can't really say I'vel ike what you've done with the place, craters and burnt down houses galore..."


"Eh." I shrugged. I didn't know much about horses as I've always preferred walking.
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User Info: ThatOneStranger

4 years ago#38

I smiled at Leandra and kissed her back.
I was grateful for letting her into my life. In such little time, she already had me under her spell. And I loved it.

But I had to focus on what was going on, so I turned to Belladara.
"Can you mark the location on my map? I need to go somewhere first. I can meet you two at the destination though." I said, reminding them of my incredible speed.
"The bear will stay with you. It's weak-minded, so Etericno can make it trust you. He and I will leave for a while and meet with you two later."
I said as I took out my map of Tamriel and handed it to Belladara so she can mark it.
I'll just sell this scroll and hurry on back.. No distractions.
"I hate it when people put quotes on their signatures in GameFAQs! Why can't they just be original, like me?"

User Info: TwoBladesOneBow

4 years ago#39
I look around and chuckle. "I like to look on the bright side of things and what I see is the perfect chance to redecorate. All of the soldiers here are to help the citizens. Would do these boys good to see the side effects of war. It might just turn turn them into men yet."

"No clue. It could be any number of things. Wild animals, undead, thralls. Considering lycanthropes have always completed against them for prey I wouldn't be surprised to see a werewolf or two."
"Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherf****** dragons in this motherf****** game!"

User Info: Mayus_Black

4 years ago#40
Mayus Black

After what seemed to be days of droll ceremonies and niceties, the wedding was over. The bride, groom, and the rest of the guests made their way into the courtyard, where Babbette and I would make our move.

Ever acting as the carefree child, Babbette ran off with the other children, restless after the long ceremony. It was all part of our plan.

Vittoria wandered about, socializing with all of the guests, even spending a few moments taking my opinion on the service.

I assured her it was lovely and she moved on seeking yet more attention. Soon she would have the attention of the Emperor. I smiled to myself.

Veezara looked a perfectly loyal body servant at my side.

Eventually, the Bride took a place on a large balcony overlooking the courtyard and began to make a speech about this and that. I wasn't really listening.

Almost time. . .

Muurine Lirenni

It had taken Muurine, and the other spirit several weeks to finally make their way to Nirn from Dagon's realm.

The place they had come through into Mundus was a small hamlet under the eastern shadow of a huge mountain. They had taken shelter in a ruined Nordic tomb where some fool dunmer had thought to make himself a 'ghost'.

It hadn't taken much to kill him and possess his body.

Muurine walked into town, hoping to lure the young couple she had seen wandering about.

"Good day, Fastred"

The girl held tight to Bassanius, "Good day, Wyndellius. What do you need?"

Muurine smiled through the Dunmer's lips, "After nearly a year, I have found the treasures of Shroud Hearth Barrow."

Fastred huffed, "And. . .?"

Muurine smiled again, "It's far too much for me to carry to my home on my own. I would be perfectly willing to share some, if I could get some help. There would certainly be enough for you two to move to wherever you desire."

Soon, they will be mine! Mivanu can use the parts of these two and the dunmer to make us new bodies.

Bassanius practically lit up, "Come on, Fastred!" he said, pulling her arm gently, "We could finally move away from this dead-end village."

The girl was reluctant at first, but eventually decided to go along.

Once they got into the barrow, Muurine took them to a reasonable depth.

"Where is the treasure?" Fastred asked.

Muurine grinned, as she let the Dunmer collapse dead at their feet, revealing her ethereal form, "Why you are, my dears."

Their screams delighted her.

When the deed was finished she called out for Mivanu, "Mivanu! It is done! Give me the body I deserve so I can hunt down that damn cat!"

And maybe that troublesome Kya, while I'm at it. . .
Bitter is the tongue that cuts as a knife.
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