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User Info: Gannondwarf432

4 years ago#11
NAME: Pristor (currently looking for title)
RACE: Argonian
AGE: 30
GUILD/GROUP/UNAFFILIATED: Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood
SEGMENT IN GUILD/GROUP: Best that both guilds have to offer!
WEAPON/MAGIC OF PREFERENCE: Daggers and Bows. Maybe Crossbows if possible? May use other weapons if I must.
OCCUPATION: Assassin and Thief. Hunter and Artifact Collector!

HISTORY OF CHARACTER: Not much is known about about Pristor except that he came to Skyrim 4 years after his father's death. His mother accepted him leaving for better future yet she doesn't know he had joined the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood 6 months after he left. From there, he had gained the many respects of allies and has been kniwn as the best both guilds have to offer. Currenly in Chorrol!

(Sorry, I am not much of a bio writer)

FAMILY: Father died in a mining accident when he was 16! Mother lives in Black Marsh. No brothers or sisters.

PERSONALITY: He is patient but always ready to go or strike whenever!

HAIR: Usual Argonian horns (small) on the sides of his head and purple hair!
EYES: Pure Red.. (undecided)...
SKIN: Ebony as Ebony can be! Has three scars on the left of the face that look like the 3 from Jurassic Park III. Red war paint that looks the a capital "M" that covers the forehead and the eyes.
BODY: The usual skinny Argonian that is bulky a bit!
CLOTHING/ARMOUR: The usual Thieves Guild Armor. Has a similar Dark Brotherhood set with different enchantments.
LIKES: Gold, Hunting, Artifacts, Group Assignments, and Building (Hearthfire)!
DISLIKES: Vampires, Thalmor, and Slavery. Maybe more but best left like this.

AMBITIONS: To collect as many Daedric and Dragonic (Ancient if that is what you prefer) Artifacts as he can.
REASONS FOR AMBITIONS: To be remembered as an collector of the ancients... (idk)
I am Gannon the Sane, not to be confused with Gannon the Grain. Now bring me all your single shoes!
Official Prophet of the Elder Scrolls Roleplay

User Info: Gannondwarf432

4 years ago#12
NAME: Travis Steele (often goes by Steele)
RACE: Breton
GENDER: male
AGE: 27
WEAPON/MAGIC OF CHOICE: Expert Alterationist, Flesh Spells and manipulation, Paralyze touch spells, and feather spells mix into combat. Hand to hand fighter.
REGION OF BIRTH: Northpoint, High Rock
OCCUPATION: Former Bandit Leader and raider. Now Mercernary for hire.

Born in Northpoint, Travis never had an easy life. He was orphaned when a thieves guild operative was assigned on a heist in his home. A small shack with only one thing of value, that being his father's book on an ancient flesh spell known as the dragon hide. When the operative was caught by Travis' father he gutted him and his mother and escaped with the book.

In his life as an orphan, Travis only enjoyed the company of the maid, Geidrel, who took Travis to the local bookstore every day and taught him Alteration, a school that was purely used for defense and utility. Travis took great joy in his studies at a young age until a group of bandits raided the city of Northpoint. The attack was quickly quelled by the city guard, but Geidrel was not lucky enough to escape the damage. She was one of the few casualties.

After Geidrel's death Travis became somewhat of a troubled youth. Skipping classes at the orphanage and eventually running away. He found himself on the streets of Wayrest stealing from nobles on the street for money. Eventually a man saw his skill as a thief and recruited him with a group of bandits. With the money he made with the clan he furthered his skill in Alteration, using it for the exact opposite reason that Geidrel taught him. He used flesh spells and brawling together for a dangerous combination, eventually using his magical prowess to oust the Bandit chief at the time. He took the clan and named them the Wayrest Ravagers.

He continue to practice his skill in Alteration and combat. Eventually using flesh spells and to alter certain parts of his body to make weapons. He became feared amongst his men, known as the living blade. With all the infamy he'd gained, other local bandit clans came together to destroy the Ravagers eventually succeeding. Ravner survived the onslaught, but his men eventually left the clan or died from fighting. He know lives his life in the north of skyrim taking on any work he can.

FAMILY: All deceased

PERSONALITY: Has a positive outlook and is very cocky. Loves to joke around, but with one wrong word or move his cheerful demeanor disappears an he shows his ruthless side.

HAIR: Wild scraggly black hair
EYES: Dark brown
FACE AND FACIAL HAIR: Piercings up and down left ear, Scar under right eye, thin mustache.
SKIN: Medium Tan without flesh spells.
BODY: Fairly fit. Not too skinny not very large. 6'0

LIKES: Money, Women, Magic, sparring and fighting.
Dislikes: Legion and other authority. Settling down in one place.

Ambitions: To eventually rebuild a clan, Pursue massive amounts of gold, and perfect the school of Alteration.
REASONS FOR AMBITIONS: He wants to grow in power and money, because he thinks there's no point in living unless your having fun, and he thinks this is the way to fun and happiness.
I am Gannon the Sane, not to be confused with Gannon the Grain. Now bring me all your single shoes!
Official Prophet of the Elder Scrolls Roleplay

User Info: Gannondwarf432

4 years ago#13
NAME: Do’Nadul
RACE: Khajiit (Cathay-raht)
AGE: 44
SEGMENT IN GUILD/GROUP: Tactician/ soldier
WEAPON/MAGIC OF PREFERENCE: Uses a long spear and a large wooden shield. Switches fighting styles between nimble acrobat, defensive phalanx, and powerhouse.
OCCUPATION: Warrior commander

HISTORY OF CHARACTER: Born into a royal family within the Khajiit government, he was trained at a young age how to fight, specifically with spears. When he came of age, he took his father’s place as the royal guard for the Mane. He enjoyed his position (as well as the fine skooma it provided), however, he found the lifestyle a bit slow and underwhelming. He rarely had opportunities to fight and prove his leadership abilities.

At the first opportunity he had, he transferred out from his position in the royal guard and transferred into a military post. He worked his way quickly through the ranks, eventually reaching a commanding position, yet he always remained a warrior, oftentimes leading the front lines into battle himself. Now, with the Great War, he wishes to assist the Thalmor in defeating their enemies.

FAMILY: Ra’Husbil (father)

PERSONALITY: Cold. Demeaning. Serious. Brutal. Has little to no humor.

HAIR: Short, yellow mane
EYES: Lime green
FACE AND FACIAL HAIR: Long whiskers. Face resembles that of a jaguar.
SKIN: Orange fur with black spots.
BODY: Tall, large, and menacing.
CLOTHING/ARMOUR: Leather armor or other light, unrestrictive clothing.
BEAST FORM (if any): None.

LIKES: Commanding people, fighting, and high quality skooma.
DISLIKES: Cowards, stupid jokes, incompetence, talkative people, and Imperials.

AMBITIONS: To offer service to the Thalmor and to the Mane.
REASONS FOR AMBITIONS: Born into royal servitude, and would gladly offer his services to honor his people, his father, and the Thalmor.
I am Gannon the Sane, not to be confused with Gannon the Grain. Now bring me all your single shoes!
Official Prophet of the Elder Scrolls Roleplay

User Info: Gannondwarf432

4 years ago#14
NAME: Aplistia Lagneia
RACE: High Elf
GENDER: Female
AGE: 30
WEAPON/MAGIC OF PREFERENCE: Illusion- Fury spells, Conjuration- Summoning spells, Destruction- Shock spells, Elven sword
REGION OF BIRTH: Firsthold, Alinor
OCCUPATION: Thalmor agent

HISTORY OF CHARACTER: She grew up in family of talented spellswords. When she was about ten Aplistia was practicing magic with her younger sister. Aplistia accidentally hurt her sister with a bolt of lightning. Her sister ran into a small abandoned shack trying to hide her tears. Problem is the shack wasn't abandoned.

Aplistia walked in just as her sister was cleaved to pieces. The Nord that did the murder chained Aplistia down, and for several weeks he had his way with her. Eventually a few off duty Thalmor agents came upon the shack, and freed Aplistia. The Nord's screams could be heard miles away as the Thalmor executed him.

Sadly, she had no family to return to. Her whole family had died in a fire just a day before Aplistia was rescued. Some think the fire was a mass suicide because of the disappearance of Aplistia and her sister. Whatever the case may be Aplistia would go on to grow up in the Aldmeri Dominion. Honing her skills as a spellsword.

FAMILY: None living

PERSONALITY: Only emotion she associates with is varying types of pleasure, Aplistia is cruel and does not value life if it means achieving the objective. Because she was raped by a man she has vowed only to have intercourse with women. The rape messed her up mentally and emotionally. Now she enjoys pain and turture of herself and especially others.

HAIR: Shoulder length and dark red
EYES: Amber colored
SKIN: Light gold color
BODY: 6'5, long and fit
BEAST FORM (if any): none

LIKES: Pain, authority, turture
DISLIKES: Nords, rebellion, talos, feelings

AMBITIONS: To kill every Nord and every believer of talos. Win the Great War for the Aldmeri Dominion
REASONS FOR AMBITIONS: : Was raped as a child by a Nord. The only shrines she saw him pray at were shrines of Talos. Also, she was saved and taught by the dominion.
I am Gannon the Sane, not to be confused with Gannon the Grain. Now bring me all your single shoes!
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User Info: Gannondwarf432

4 years ago#15
NAME: Elenine
RACE: Altmer
GENDER: Female
AGE: 171
WEAPONS/MAGIC:: Iron sword, inherited Elixiums agility, making her a excellent escapee
She is a great healer, she learned restoration her own way, but she isn't a master of the school.
GUILDS/GROUPS:: Vereez's legion

HISTORY OF CHARACTER: Elenine looked after her mother for a long period of her life, when Errisare eventually died from disease, she worked as a farmers assistant, picking crops and just making enough money to survive, She always wondered who her father was, Errisare would only say he was "the most romantic and handsome man to ever come at her doorstep".

She lived a nice life, the Flawless diamond Elixium left for her mother gave her the septims to start a good life and buy a good house.

FAMILY: Her mother was a flower-girl, delivering flowers to people for a living, she didn't know too much about her mother.
Her father is Elixium, a Altmer vampire lord who was pressed into a relationship with Errisare, by Vereez, a Nord vampire.
She doesn't know who her father is and her father doesn't even know she exists, she didnt get too much family life, so like her father...

PERSONALITY: Charasmatic just like Elixium, she was brought up by Errisare to be a good person, she isn't the slightest amount snobbish or arrogant, but with the recent distrust of Altmer, she find it hard to make friends.

BODY: Slim, she looks like a capable fighter.

HEIGHT: strangely enough, Elenine isn't a tall as you might expect, she is about the same high as a nord.

SKIN: a solid yellow colour, like most Altmer.

FACE AND FACIAL HAIR:: She inherited Errisares looks, hence she is pretty.

EYES: White with brown pupils

HAIR: typical black hair falling to her upper back, her hair is straight.

CLOTHING/ARMOUR: Sleeveless leather armour with no helmet.

LIKES: Anything or anyone that makes a good change
DISLIKES: The thalmor.

AMBITIONS: to make a diffrence to the world

REASON FOR ABITION: Because she thinks it will be worthwhile.

I am Gannon the Sane, not to be confused with Gannon the Grain. Now bring me all your single shoes!
Official Prophet of the Elder Scrolls Roleplay

User Info: Gannondwarf432

4 years ago#16
NAME: Stryder Sinai
RACE: Maormer
AGE: 143
GUILD/GROUP/UNAFFILIATED: Forebear agent, Former student Of hall of Virtues of War, Member of imperial legion.
SEGMENT IN GUILD/GROUP: Special operations and Recon agent in forebear militia and empire. Political assassin. Former student in hall of Virtues of War
WEAPON/MAGIC OF PREFERENCE: Two family blades made of aetherium, named the sword and the crown. Imperial longbow. Sea elf magicks and some dabblery sword singing.
REGION OF BIRTH: Skaven, Hammerfell
OCCUPATION: Saboteur, assassin, and recon agent for the armies of the imperial legion and the forebears.

HISTORY OF CHARACTER: Born to Azta and Andrea Sinai in Skaven, Stryder was expected to be a great Ansei. Being the Son of the Grandmaster in the Hall he was trained day and night in the art of the Ansei but could never live up to his fathers legacy due to him not having pure redguard blood. One day his father and his uncle Akar went out on a job to eradicate a grou of deadra worshippers in the name of the Ebonarm. They were Presumed dead after never returning from the job.

Stryder fell into intense grief for not coming with them, for he thought that with his help he could have changed their fate. In the years after his death he became more and more distant and eventually left the Hall to find a way to redeem himself. He began looking into any and all information on the daedra worshippers and witches famous for the area but found nothing. Looking for a different way to redeem himself he found his way into the politics of hammerfell in the court of the king of Skaven and eventually under the employment of the council of the Forebears.

He served as royal guard for the Skaven dynasty for years and eventually as a spy and assassin for the forebears and their ally, the imperial legion. Eventually Stryder became one of the first to infiltrate the summerset isles after their 50 years of silence and found out about the Thalmos and their mission. Along with following the Thalmor movements, he does raids and assassinations on them in the name of the forebears and the legion.

FAMILY: Azta Sinai, (Father, Presumed deceased) Akar Sinai, (Uncle, Presumed deceased) Andrea Sina (Mother), and Kiether Sinai (Brother)

PERSONALITY: A bit stoic at times, but is an all-around straight forward and level heade man. He thinks things through before going ahead, and has intense feelings of loyalty and duty.

HAIR: A short white ponytail
EYES: Dark blue
FACE AND FACIAL HAIR: Not alot of facial hair going on. Keeps things trim.
SKIN: Pale bluish grey, and chameleon like.
BODY: Physically fit. Fairly skinny like a swimmers body. About 6'1.
CLOTHING/ARMOUR: Black and dark blue leather with a mask that is used to hide his identity in his operations.

LIKES: Fulfilling his duty and missions. Protecting others. The world and it's beauty. (He will often times stop during missions to awe and take in the sights. Snakes. Swimming. And the ebonarm.
DISLIKES: Necromancy, Lords and nobility that would rival the forbears. The Crowns. Thalmor. And failing his missions.

AMBITIONS: To find the motives of the Thalmor, redeem himself, protect his lords and the council, and to avenge his father and uncle.
REASONS FOR AMBITIONS: To seek atonement and redemption, and to protect his native country.

(is what him in his armour and mask would look like for the most part)
I am Gannon the Sane, not to be confused with Gannon the Grain. Now bring me all your single shoes!
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User Info: Gannondwarf432

4 years ago#17
NAME: Z'kard Gro-Kahzgur
AGE: 30
SEGMENT IN GUILD/GROUP: Second son to Orc chief
WEAPON/MAGIC OF PREFERENCE: Dual orcish axes, rope-dart, cross-bow.
OCCUPATION: murderer

HISTORY OF CHARACTER: Z'kard was a second son to his father, he craved to be the Orc chief and challenged his older brother to a dual when they were teenagers, he failed miserably and lost one of his eyes, for his anger and repeated times to assassinate his brother, by stealth and brute force, he was banished from his stronghold for failure to other throw his brother, even with cheap tatics.
Ever since then he learned to hunt, kill and fight by himself, adapting to his own tatics and making his own weapons, such as his rope-dart, capable of allowing him to pull people towards him or climb trees easier.

When the Great War started he thought of joining the imperials, but his Orcish nature and bad attitude gave him a distrust to everyone, hence he was rejected from the Empire, enraging him.

FAMILY: Z'kards father was the chief of the stronghold of Khazgur he was also a master craftsman, making deadric armour and making armour out of strange materials, such as wood and stone, oddly enough, Z'kard was only given his custom fur armour.
His mother was a forge-wife, she taught Z'kard how to craft, although he never really had much intrest in crafting. she died from a accidental misfire by Z'kard with his crossbow.

PERSONALITY: Z'kard is a selfish Orc, believing he is above all other people, orcs, human and Mer alike, he thinks that victory must be achieved at any cost, that's it's "better to win by cheating than dying honourably" this motto has given him countless victories by cheating, usually a quick crossbow bolt to the face after promising a melee dual.

HAIR: his hair drops to his shoulders, it is swept back behind his ears, it is also a black colour.
EYES: White with black pupils.
FACE AND FACIAL HAIR: he has horns on his forehead and his beard covers his chin. His eyebrows are very thin.
SKIN: dull gray.
BODY: muscular, but due to his reliance on the crossbow, he is slimmer than the average Orc.
CLOTHING/ARMOUR: his custom survival gear, consisting of a fur cloak with a hood, a strap to carry his crossbow, leather gauntlets and boots.
BEAST FORM (if any): none.

LIKES: Himself, winners.
DISLIKES: everything else.

AMBITIONS: To kill everything.
REASONS FOR AMBITIONS: Becuase he's bored.

I am Gannon the Sane, not to be confused with Gannon the Grain. Now bring me all your single shoes!
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User Info: Gannondwarf432

4 years ago#18
NAME: Vereez
RACE: Nordic Daughter of Coldharbour.
GENDER: Female
AGE: 200-ish
WEAPON/MAGIC OF PREFERENCE: Destruction and Blood Magic.
OCCUPATION: Commands an entire legion of troops.

HISTORY OF CHARACTER: During the Oblivion Crisis, Vereez simply wandered around, looking for adventure. Eventually she went on a quest to acquire Mehrune's Razor, meeting Vallus Berene in the process. Love blossomed, and then Lamae Bal showed up, ruining everything.

Vereez eventually got revenge on Lamae, as she acquired her vampirism via four long years in Coldharbour. Lamae threw her in. Two years later, she dragged Vereez back in, this time with the intent of killing her. Vereez was prepared, however, and had the cure for vampirism ready. However, one thing lead to another and Vereez soon found herself thinking outside of the box to restore HER vampirism. Ripping open Molag Bal's jugular proved more than sufficient.

Now, she joined the Imperial Legion soon after Vallus's departure, rising through the ranks to Legatus. The rage that Vallus quelled so long ago has reignited, only the Thalmor have taken Lamae's place.

FAMILY: Vallus

PERSONALITY: While kind to her friends and allies most of the time, she can have... moments. Her enemies get the exact opposite. Under extreme duress, psychotic breaks are a very real possibility.

HAIR: Long silver hair.
EYES: Bright glowing red.
SKIN: Very pale.
BODY: Very shapely.
CLOTHING/ARMOUR: Standard red and black robes with gold trim. Some pauldrons and bracelets bearing the Imperial Insignia.
BEAST FORM (if any): None, but is unaffected by the sun, and can turn into a massive cloud of bats.

LIKES: Fighting, drinking, outsmarting the enemy. Blowing things up.
DISLIKES: Staying away from the front lines, the Thalmor.

AMBITIONS: To defeat the Thalmor, and to reunited with Vallus eventually.
REASONS FOR AMBITIONS: For the good of all life on Nirn.
I am Gannon the Sane, not to be confused with Gannon the Grain. Now bring me all your single shoes!
Official Prophet of the Elder Scrolls Roleplay

User Info: Gannondwarf432

4 years ago#19
NAME: Valerius Palanex
RACE: Imperial
AGE: 17
WEAPON/MAGIC OF PREFERENCE: Dual Steel long swords

HISTORY OF CHARACTER: Valerius is a member of a powerful noble family in Cyrodiil, and was brought up as such. His family was brought to glory by his ancestor Marius, and ever since they have served the Medes dutifully. Valerius was taught swordplay and tactics and was quite adept at both, but he lacks experience in real war in combat.
At age 16 Valerius joined the Eighth Legion under his brother Asinius, his familial ties allowing him to quickly move up in the ranks. However, before joining he discovered a journal written by Marius that he has taken to reading in his spare time. The Eighth Legion is currently patrolling the border between the Empire and the Dominion.

FAMILY: Valerius’ mother died to illness three years after his birth. His father is an extravagant man, as well as a coward, after a near-death scare while serving he pulled some strings and got himself discharged. His brother Asinius enjoys whores and killing, and isn’t a very… pleasant person.

PERSONALITY: Valerius is very honorable, and very lazy. He places honor and glory above pragmatism and views dying for the Empire the greatest honor possible. Despite this he lacks much of a work ethic; he is the last one present when hard labor is required, and the first one to leave.

HAIR: Dark blonde, with his bangs brushed to the right
EYES: Dark Green eyes
SKIN: Medium tan
BODY: Lightly muscled, preferring to rely on speed than strength
CLOTHING/ARMOUR: Stand Imperial officer’s armor.
BEAST FORM (if any): None

LIKES: The Empire, The Medes, honor
DISLIKES: Working, his brother, people without honor

AMBITIONS: To become a hero
REASONS FOR AMBITIONS: Stories about his ancestor’s honor and glory.
I am Gannon the Sane, not to be confused with Gannon the Grain. Now bring me all your single shoes!
Official Prophet of the Elder Scrolls Roleplay

User Info: Gannondwarf432

4 years ago#20
NAME: Vallus
RACE: Breton (Werewolf)
AGE: 27
WEAPON/MAGIC OF PREFERENCE: Uses Windchime, a silver hunting axe, named so because of the humming sound it makes when swung. Can use most other weapons, has some martial arts experience, and is skilled at using his werewolf form. Has no magical talent.
REGION OF BIRTH: Cyrodiil (Cheydinhal)
OCCUPATION: Takes odd jobs in the town he visits, works with mercenaries, or goes on his own expeditions. He is mostly nomadic, so he is very experienced in hunting.

HISTORY OF CHARACTER: Born in Cheydinhal to a working family. When he was 17 he went on an errand for the local alchemist. While on his trip he was attacked by a group of werewolves, and eventually became one himself. He tried to hide his secret, but he left his family when he was 18 to protect them from himself.

Over the next few years he struggles with his lycanthropy. However, after meeting Vereez, reuniting with his siblings, and briefly becoming a vampire himself, he vows to try and control it and become a better person. He learns not only how to control his lycanthropy, but he also channels it and uses it to his advantage.

Over the next five years he spends a lot of time with Vereez, Valthar, and the rest of his family. They also spend a lot of time with the pack of werewolves led by Karoman, and with the werewolf hunter Don Hall. They were the happiest years of his life.

FAMILY: Lysona (younger sister) Floyd (younger brother) Morgona (mother, deceased) Andyn (father, deceased) Vereez (lover)

PERSONALITY: Most of the time he is calm and relaxed, but often has wild mood swings, and can lose his temper if provoked.

HAIR: Dark brown with a very short hairstyle.
EYES: Gold/ yellow.
FACE AND FACIAL HAIR: Light/ medium beard.
SKIN: Tanned from traveling all the time, but still fair.
BODY: Muscular, but not overly buff. Has noticeable scars on his face and forearms as a result of his attack.
CLOTHING: Lightweight leather parka and heavy leather boots (though he changes outfits frequently). Also carries a satchel pack large enough to fit all his essentials, and even his clothes if he needs to.
BEAST FORM: Werewolf

LIKES: Meat, forests, nighttime, solitude, foggy weather, and killing vile people.
DISLIKES: Fanatical priests, self-righteous paladins, stuck-up nobles, vicious criminals, hot climates, and dog jokes.

AMBITIONS: To further master his lycanthropy.
REASONS FOR AMBITIONS: He now sees the benefit of it, and wants to use it as a source of strength.

I am Gannon the Sane, not to be confused with Gannon the Grain. Now bring me all your single shoes!
Official Prophet of the Elder Scrolls Roleplay
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