Twice Microsoft. Twice!

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User Info: FlufyW0lf3y

5 years ago#41
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User Info: MEFreak1984

5 years ago#42
in the U.S. we got 1600 points for $20, and 2000 points for $25. It Is a screwed up system.
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User Info: korinthian

5 years ago#43
For those in Canada who don't know, you can go to EB Games (yeah.. EB) and they sell 800 point cards.

That's the only way to get around the selling of points in 1400 point bundles. Got to love how they chose a point value that has NEVER been used on the marketplace.

User Info: Surmatise

5 years ago#44
I have gone into gamestop and bought 400 points because I don't like to use a credit card on xbox live. Not sure if EB games does it there or not but I know gamestop does not have physical cards with 400 points, you have to ask specifically for 400 points and they just print a code on the receipt.
Xbox live gamertag: Surmatise

User Info: acangial

5 years ago#45

I am in agreement with you. MS is perhaps one of the worst large corporations that ever existed. While the XBOX software is actually decent for a 7 year old antiquated piece of hardware (BTW, totally stolen from Apple yet again as is Win 8, another garbage system), their customer support is perhaps one of the worst in existence. To be clear, the people working the tech support at XBOX are not bad people. It's the processes MS designed to give these poor people working the phones that are some of the worst I have ever experienced. Also, there is zero integration between their required services.
As an example, my son's XBOX which is tied into my Windows Live ID, was in the process of being validated with the new software last month. Well, he didn't get my password right and it hosed up my Windows Live ID. No lie, it took 2 1/2 weeks for MS to get my Windows Live ID reset, thus my son had no access to XBOX Live for those 2 1/2 weeks. This was mostly because XBOX Live support is not integrated at all with Windows Live ID. Just in case you forgot, having a Windows Live ID is a requirement to have a XBOX Live account.
MS keeps going downhill and I hope goes the route of the incredibly arrogant and ignorant Sony corporation - junk status on Wall Street. I seriously doubt I will be investing in next gen hardware next year. I will look into getting a decent gaming rig instead that will run games in Linux. Of course, Steam is also going to have to get that right as well. Hopefully Ouya will also be a new force in the future of gaming.
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User Info: hyjinx17

5 years ago#46
MEFreak1984 posted...
in the U.S. we got 1600 points for $20, and 2000 points for $25. It Is a screwed up system.

I honestly don't understand this comment. It's $5 per 400 points either way. Most new games and DLC are priced in increments of 400 unless discounted.
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User Info: DakhanavarX

5 years ago#47
The flipside to this system is that you can find points cards on sale. (Target on BF had $20 cards for $10, Gamestop just recently had 1200 point cards for $10, ebay, etc.) It'd be a lot harder to find $20 for less than $20 if they were using normal currency.

It's not a perfect system, of course, but at least it's not all bad. (At least in the US. I don't really keep up on point sales in other countries.)
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