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  3. I -THINK- I have identified the cause of the Falkreath house glitch

User Info: JohnnyG118

7 years ago#1
Like several other people on this board, I DL'd Hearthfire today and (to my dismay) found no option to purchase the land in Falkreath. My gamefile exists with the following conditions in place:

NOT Thane of Falkreath
ACTIVE quest to become Thane (help people of Falkreath 2/3)
Jarl's Steward Helvard KILLED (as part of Dark Brotherhood Quest)

I think the reason I have no option to buy the land is because Jarl Stengeir, when approached, volunteers the dialogue "Something you need, you miserable wretch?". I hear this commonly in one other location - The Drunken Huntsman, where a Dark Elf with the same voice actor holds me responsible for another DB related quest kill. It would appear that regardless of whether or not you were seen actually committing the crime, the Jarl somehow becomes aware of it and his disposition towards you is reduced considerably.

Now, luckily for me I -was- just able to buy the Falkreath plot by COMPLETING the remaining favour and becoming Thane. When he named me thane he gave me the Housecarl (new to Heathfire DLC, of course), and the option to buy land from his steward became available. I can therefore only assume that his "disposition" (hidden value) was raised enough for him to want to sell me land.


If you were ALREADY Thane AND killed Helvard as part of the DB quest, it would appear that his disposition remains shot to hell, and there's no way from this point to bring it back up. If that is the case, the only possible workaround I can imagine would be to side with the Stormcloaks in the civil war (if that questline remains undone), and eventually have Stengeir ousted from his position as Jarl. The new Jarl (supporting the Stormcloaks) would then have a refreshed disposition and should, in theory, sell you the land.

Now I cannot confirm any of this, but I -think- (based on all I've read and what I experienced myself) that this is what's happening.

User Info: FrogEyez

7 years ago#2
Jarl's Steward Helvard KILLED

theres ya problem

User Info: weapon_d00d816

7 years ago#3
I think you're right. If you are, then I'll never be able to get the Falkreath home on my main character...
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User Info: brawl4fun

7 years ago#4
Now Boys and Girls....


Have fun with your glitches Imperial milk-drinkers.

(jk, but Stormcloaks>Empire)
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User Info: JohnnyG118

7 years ago#5
If the only block is Stengeir's low disposition as a result of his glitched awareness of Helvard's death, it -should- be relatively easy for them to code in a patch. All it would take is a manual re-adjustment of said value, literally one line of code.

Of course that assums this is the only factor at play, and Bethesda figures this out, and gets off their asses to fix it. Player Beta-testers FTL. >_>

My advice to anyone blocked with this glitch is to buy one of the other two plots and build there. Once there is a fix, you'll already have some experience of what you like / don't like and can build a BETTER house on the Falkreath plot. It's standard fare for Elder Scrolls and related games - your first build (character, house, whatever) is never as good as subsequent builds because the first time around you don't know what to expect.

User Info: anonsoul

7 years ago#6
I think I can confirm this.

Before downloading Hearthfire I went to Falkreath and talked to the Thane. His comments made it clear i was not liked. I had finished the DB quest and killed his Housecarl.

So i moved the save over to a PC (a pre Hearthfire save) and checked with player.getrelationshiprank 19822 and it was a -2 which is bad. So i set Jarl Siddgeir and Steward Nenya to level 3 (ally).

player.setrelationshiprank 19822 3 ;Jarl Siddgeir
player.setrelationshiprank 19823 3 ;Steward Nenya

Moved that back over to the Xbox, downloaded Hearthfire, started it up and a courier came right up to me and gave me the note for Falkreath. There was even a new housecarl waiting for me in Falkreath.

On the save without the change i only got the Breezehome and Adoption notes and no dialog from the jarl or steward in Falkreath.
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  3. I -THINK- I have identified the cause of the Falkreath house glitch
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