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  3. is serana marriageable?

User Info: Ujigum

8 years ago#1
has anyone tested this?
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User Info: gunsndroses

8 years ago#2
No, it was one of the biggest gripes during beta, as well.

User Info: The_Milk_Man13

8 years ago#3
Oh my god! Way to build up the perfect Romance just to smash it to the ground Bethesda. Why? Why would you make someone infinitly more attractive then all other NPCs, Give her a great Voice actor, basically have dialogue to romance her, just to say NO! Love the DLC so far, but serious, screw you guys -.-
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User Info: Dreadsword101

8 years ago#4
Unfortunately no. It's a damn shame. She would have been perhaps the ONLY NPC in the game where the marriage actually felt genuine.

Bethesda seems to have taken several opportunities to troll the fans in this expansion.


1. Introduce an NPC that is actually attractive and not an ugly ****.

2. Add dialogue options that can imply that your DB may have a romantic interest in her, or at least show he/she cares for her.

3. After you finish the questline and went on a bunch of aventures with her, make her not marriageable. Then watch as swarms of upset fans go post on the forums.

It's almost as bad as not being able to alter your appearance as a vampire... ALMOST.

User Info: Aggrobiscuit

8 years ago#5
Next DLC, bigger list of marriageable virtual females for 20 bucks.
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User Info: Necro_Fear89

8 years ago#6

This is sad news, I was expecting her to be marriageable, I am disappoint D:
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User Info: whitepsychtiger

8 years ago#7
Scumbag Bethesda...
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User Info: clone11

8 years ago#8
Hopefully, they'll add it in in a patch, it was probably the most requested thing during the beta.

Though, I do believe she comments on marriage once and says it's not really her thing so maybe not.
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User Info: MasterofTheives

8 years ago#9
Damn, I didn't finish the DLC, and was hoping it was an option. Ah well.
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User Info: neverlesswonder

8 years ago#10
oooo... It'd be cool if you could kidnap her, join the Dawnguard and kill her daddy, then force a cure on her and marry her. Or just keep her locked up in your chambers.


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  3. is serana marriageable?
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