So... how's the best way to fight while dual-wielding?

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  3. So... how's the best way to fight while dual-wielding?

User Info: Nekiruh

5 years ago#1
Say you have two daggers. What's the best way to utilize them, assuming you have all the dual-wield perks. Press LT and RT one after another? Always press them both at the same time? Spam power attacks like crazy?
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User Info: Curved_Sw0rd

5 years ago#2
Spam CHIM attacks like cray.
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User Info: dragon_eye_

5 years ago#3
use unrenlting force to stun eniemes the wail on em
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User Info: Zero IX

Zero IX
5 years ago#4
Spam triggers and/or power attack.
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User Info: assassin29

5 years ago#5
I usually just go with either regular right handed strikes or the "both at once" strikes depending on how much damage I need to do. Power attacks are saved for the tougher enemies since I don't like to put too many points into stamina, or for when I'm in danger of being killed and need a stagger. Power attacks can be a pain though since you're stuck in place until after all your swings, but you get the hang of it. If you follow up your power attack with a another double strike, you can get four swings really quick.

Also, double daggers don't benefit from the speed bonus on power attacks (not sure if it's a bug or intended), so you may want to consider a sword in your primary hand instead.

User Info: Somnambulistic

5 years ago#6
Double trigger power attacks until you're out of stamina, then spam L and R back and forth.

User Info: dorkusmaximus86

5 years ago#7
I usually just kind of weaved in and out of combat trying to avoid hits and land a one handed power attack. I used swords and the LT standing power attack (the thrusting one) seemed to have a bit longer range and was incredibly quick. I just waited for one of my attacks to stagger the opponent then I would go in for the kill with a dual power attack.

Once I discovered how broken smithing was I could just 1HKO everything and strategy went out the window. lol

User Info: niko-mp3

5 years ago#8
unenchanted elemental fury
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  3. So... how's the best way to fight while dual-wielding?

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