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User Info: ed6514

9 years ago#1
I just reached 1000 saves in Skyrim, and now the saving process is going crazy. When I save a new game, it often just doesn't save (or maybe it does but the new number is not on the list). If I save over an older game (<999), the number disappears; sometimes (but not often) this seems to cause a new save number (>1000) to appear. Auto saves seem to be working ok. Any similar experiences or advice?


User Info: ArchangelJames

9 years ago#2
My saves number up to 1300, and they work fine. This may be a silly question, but did you keep all 1000 saves, or have most of them been saved over?
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User Info: Dtothe3

9 years ago#3
Delete all old saves, see what happens.
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User Info: eugene1222

9 years ago#4
I used to have like 1200 or something saves before they glitched up badly, but I always just overwrote (is that how you say it? :D) the older saves, so I had more like 3-4 separate ones, and I never had similar problems.

Always would go up in order (so if my latest was 1012, the next one would be 1013 and so on)
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User Info: Bioloff

9 years ago#5
If you actually keep those saves, naturally your system will start to act funny. There is only SO much RAM the 360 has...

User Info: DanOverboard

9 years ago#6
I'm confused - do you actually have over 1000 saves or the number on your few saves is that high? The autosaves are working because they're actually saving over one another. You only need like 3 saves per character to be efficient, just cycle through saving over them.
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User Info: D_Gryphon

9 years ago#7
You should never keep more than a page of saves at most. Anything more is asking for problems.

User Info: JayLJohnston

9 years ago#8
I tend to keep one save for each level I make, then a page full of scrolling saves.
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User Info: dookie0311

9 years ago#9
I'm on 1200 or so, but I only have about 15 different files (not counting autosaves). I have had ONE instance of a save deleted/rolled back, and that was over a month ago. I rotate at least two per character.

User Info: ed6514

9 years ago#10
Thanks so much for the suggestions. I agree that I should have been recycling saves and kept only 10 or so, but that's not the way I started, and everything was working fine until I hit 1000.

As I was exploring some alternatives, I ran into a really interesting facet of the glitch. I was up to 1024 saved games; in the XBOX system saved games, they were all there, from 1000 to 1024, but only a couple of the games were visible in the Skyrim list. Then I started looking at the saves I had done on top of earlier saves, and they were not listed. Here's what I found:

I had games 900, 901, 902, 903, etc., in the list, and was up to 1022. I saved OVER game 900 and 901 disappeared, but the old 900 was still there, and 1023 appeared as the new saved game. Then I saved another game to 900 and 900 is still there, 902 disappears and, voila!, 1024 appears.

XBOX seems to allow games to be deleted only one at a time, which is a VERY long process. I'll see if I can move only the last couple of saves to a new location and maybe that will solve the problem.

Thanks again!
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