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  3. Any "next big game" coming to Android/ IOS soon?

User Info: Ctubbie

5 months ago#1
Have tried both V4 and A3 Still Alive, supposedly big titles with tons of marketing. The gameplay fell short, however, and I went back to Black Desert Mobile and Ragnarok Eternal Love.

Are there any "big games" coming up worth a shot at playing? P2W is not a problem for me.


User Info: lvalice

5 months ago#2
Pokémon UNITE (Pokémon moba)
Devil May Cry getting a mobile game
NieR is getting a game
Diablo coming to mobile
Apex Legends coming to mobile
Dauntless coming to mobile
Blade and Soul getting a mobile sequel (Blade and Soul 2)
Sky is getting a new event area and continues to be ignored
Genshin Impact just got a new area
Still waiting on Oceanhorn 2
Still waiting on Ys VIII
Ni no Kuni is getting a mobile game
Zenonia that crappy 2D RPG series from early mobile getting a big 3D game
TERA "classic" (whatever that means) coming to mobile
RISE coming to mobile
Chrono Odyssey images looking sick
Tower of Fantasy is another Breath of wild clone
ODIN getting a new game on mobile

I don't know if you call these BIG but they're noteworthy.
For Americans Diablo is the BIG game even though people hate that it's mobile
For weebs Genshin Impact and Blade and Soul 2 are considered the "Big" games.

Now on Stadia (without a subscription) until January 5th:

Final Fantasy 15 is $20
DOOM 2016 is $6
DOOM Eternal is $20
Shadow of the Tomb Raider is $15
Rise of the Tomb Raider is $6
Octopath Traveler is $30

Sales get better with a subscription but it's too many to list. If you have. If you have a Stadia controller and live within 200 miles from one of these locations : https://www.google.com/about/datacenters/locations/
Then Stadia becomes an excellent supplement to your mobile library. I live 60 miles from a Google server and Stadia performance for me is near imperceptible with only 0.04-0.06 seconds of latency

User Info: Ctubbie

5 months ago#3
Thanks for the list Ivalice! Appreciated!!
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