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  3. Is charging up to 80% for slower battery degradation even worth it?

User Info: TheGrowlanser

1 month ago#1
I mean, you are limited to use 60% of the battery each cycle, because you are not supposed to go below 20% either, so that's 40% of battery capacity you'll never use in exchange for more recharges.
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User Info: LazyBro

1 month ago#2
Not really unless you are totally obsessive and compulsive about keeping the battery health as optimal as it can be. Most people just charge whenever they feel the need to without minding much of this stuff.
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User Info: drivenby

4 weeks ago#3
Depends . I don't think it is .

I did it for a few weeks when I first bought an essential phone and it greatly reduced my enjoyment of the phone so I had to stop it

I can afford buying a phone every 2 years and I normally pay < 500 usd for unlocked phones .
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User Info: skyMcWeeds

4 weeks ago#4
I used to practice that method of charging, keeping the battery levels from going down to 40% and
charging up to 80-90% and keeping the device juiced up with portable power banks and wireless charging.

But it gets to a point where it becomes so tedious and quite limiting on what you can do to your device.
Always at the back of your mind to check the battery level when doing something is frankly annoying.

With more and more devices becoming better and more affordable, I've resigned to the fact that its just not
worth it to be so mindful of the battery health by keeping track of charge cycles. Most of the time my phone
will last me a good 2 years or more of service and in that time if I ever see a huge dip in battery life then its
time to buy a new phone or get its battery replaced if the service is available.
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User Info: lvalice

4 weeks ago#5
If you're not keeping your device longer than 2-3 years there no reason to meticulously micromanage your battery % constantly.

If you sell it, it becomes the buyer's problem anyway, and any buyer buying 2+ year old devices know what they're signing up for.
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