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    RJP_X posted...
    i have noticed lately on chrome its been saying program is not responding and to wait or close app. so i switched to firefox and its neat that you can use extensions ublock origins ftw.

    anyways i am having a problem with firefox as well, if i leave it idled and my android goes in sleep mode and i turn it back on firefox is completely frozen and sometimes using the menu button to go back to the desktop lags or other times becomes unresponsive.

    i was wondering how i can fix this i was wondering if it has anything to do with malwarebytes.(which i probably dont need.) but reason i said that is because malwarebytes has given that message chrome was giving about not responding.

    also one last thing spotify doesnt play at all on the web browser on firefox but works on other browsers.

    EDIT: oh and have been clearing cache and cookies, and deleting unneccesary apps, have plenty of space left on it.

    Don't use malwarebytes or antivirus crap on android. It's pointless.

    Next time get a chromebook instead of an android tablet. I got an HP X2 recently. Chromebooks now run android apps natively, and the X2's keyboard comes completely off rather than the fold behind nonsense.

    Chromebooks run full desktop browser so you can use all extensions.

    Anyways, how long has it been since you rebooted?