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User Info: Great-BoBaFeTT

4 weeks ago#31
I'm playing GameCube and Wii games on my Razer 2 phone at 60fps without any framedrops. Doubt I'll ever go back to Apple again lol..

User Info: HipHopBeats

3 weeks ago#32
Many friends and family have the Iphone and I've never been a fan of its UI and having the Home button seemingly control everything. Even of the Iphone 10 you need to press two buttons just to turn off the damn phone.

Android has the bells and whistles I prefer so I don't feel restricted to one button. Much more freedom to customize phones to my liking and I can turn the phone off or restart it using one button.
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User Info: VeryDarkSoul

3 weeks ago#33
because i'd rather buy a gaming pc than buy an iphone
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User Info: InuboyNetwork

3 weeks ago#34
VeryDarkSoul posted...
because i'd rather buy a gaming pc than buy an iphone
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User Info: SearchmanV16

3 weeks ago#35
I couldn't stand iOS anymore. Apple squandered its lead w/ design languages, Siri, software optimization, and features. They recycled the same crap design from the 6 to the 8. The X and XS/XS Max really don't do much to warrant their original price tags. Even when I had the XS Max for $500, it didn't feel like a premium product that can do much more than my old iPhone 8+. No split-screen apps or picture in picture mode means less multitasking on iOS. They fragmented their product lines by offering those multitasking features on iPads and have USB Type C on their 2018 iPad Pros.

Samsung finally made the strides to make software that is smooth as hell. One UI is awesome and feels smooth as my old XS Max. The Google Assistant is leaps and bounds better than Siri, which felt like a lobotomized AI assistant. I got a complete package from Samsung and I am sticking with them.

Only way I get back to iOS if Apple sorts its crap out and expands its multi-tasking along with a UI overall. However, I would probably get an iPhone for a work device and keep a S10 for my personal usage. I don't feel comfortable giving Apple my business for my personal phone usage.

I really removed Apple products out of my life little by little. I started with the iPad so I can go to a Surface Go. I'll replace my MacBook in about a year or two with a more functional PC w/ higher specs too. I could keep the MBP as a backup and try to keep it functional as possible.
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iPhone frankly has zero multitasking. Pulling up the switcher and going from one app to the next is not multitasking.

True multitasking is when I watch a YouTube clip at the top half of my screen and text my friend about it using the bottom half.
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User Info: MikuXII

3 weeks ago#37
Although i'm a lite user, Android aimply has options
Youtube Vanced and Samsung's GoodLock apps are can't be substituted. I can't even use a smartphone now without One Handed Mode+
I'm looking to root my S9 soon and open up my device

Apple is ridiculously expensive

User Info: FredericaH

3 weeks ago#38
Well, I had iPhone and then Windows Phone and then finally Android and I will never go back to anything else now, I love the open system and also the fact that those are kinda 10x cheaper than Iphones (not all of them obviously but still)
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