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User Info: Exiled_Opinion

1 month ago#21
I didn't go for Android per se, but rather had to settle for it as it is the only viable and current alternative to iOS/iPhone.

User Info: Lee7

1 month ago#22
I had symbian smartphone(nokia n95) before I went to android, htc wildfire. After two years using it it was clear that there wasn't any good options besides android so I stuck with it and on hindsight was good call.

And to me iOS, at least when the first iPhone came out was total joke in many ways, especially when people called it "smart" phone when it lacked many major features symbian and windows phone had(multitasking, copy&paste, third party apps..) of course it changed later on but that and the cost was just too much for me.
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User Info: strat10

1 month ago#23
There are a few things that keeps me from switching from Android. Customization, so many hardware options from different brands and the market is very competitive (except tablet market).

But there are flaws I do not like at all. Android isn't perfect and could have been improved. If WIndows 10 can handle 4 GBs why can't Android? People bashed Google for releasing a phone is 4 GBs of ram. My Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe when use a lot it does get sluggish even though it has 6 GBs of ram. I'm aware that light users can work with 4 GBs but heavy users may find this frustrating.

I got the Black Shark and only installed small number of apps since it's only a gaming device (exclude phone because it's using a data only sim card). It is really working well.

Reason why I use Windows as an example is because it manage to run on many different hardware configuration unlike Android has to use Java to run. It's not very efficient system. 6 GBs of ram does feel like 4 GBs of ram on a Windows OS.
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1 month ago#24
Price difference, Galaxies arent nearly as overpriced if you wait for a deal which happens way more often. Mor freedom with the interface and apps, such as emulators and what not. Multitasking! Galaxies have better screens imo.

User Info: TheGrowlanser

1 month ago#25
Android is freedom Apple is oppression. But iTunes definitely beats Google Play Music.
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Started off with iphone 5 then 6plus.

Saw the newer iPhones lost the headphones jacks and added nothing new other than useless stuff i dont use. Didnt see the point upgrading for the same phone with just a better camera and slightly faster.
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User Info: SazukeEX

1 month ago#27
I don't like how the iPhone felt or ran.
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User Info: BahamutBBob

1 month ago#28
I've never been a fan of Apple. We always had PCs in my house, but I didn't dislike Apple. That is, until the iPod era, when Steve Jobs was back scumming the company up again. My first smartphone was a Windows Phone 7, I bought into the hype, and that was a mistake. My next smartphone was a Galaxy S4, and I've been Android ever since.
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User Info: dark lancer

dark lancer
1 month ago#29
I wanted to upgrade my TracFone flip phone to a Smartphone and this Alcatel was $30.
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User Info: Idimmu88

4 weeks ago#30
PakoPako posted...

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