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User Info: GreenChocobo

2 months ago#1
Do phones purchased at full price have apps installed that can't be removed such as the ones that are prevalent in prepaid phones? Or are they roomier with more storage?

I would hope so since, of course, prepaid phones are designed to be very basic with not much storage or even the ability to allow a microSD card to have apps loaded onto it.

I'm actually starting to want to use my phone for more stuff than just texting and updating my bus app. I've always stuck with just the packaged prepaid phones (Telus in Canada) and a $10 monthly plan. Thinking it may be best to just fork a bit more money over for a better phone that actually has some storage and a proper ability to load more apps via the microSD card.

User Info: LazyBro

2 months ago#2
Some phones bought outside of a carrier provider have less and at times little to no bloatware installed, freeing up space for much needed apps or media.

But these would depend on the device you want, carriers usually package entry level devices that have little storage to begin with up to flagships then load them up with crap tons of bloat.

Once you go outside of what they offer you will find a vast market of devices from every price range there is.
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User Info: lvalice

2 months ago#3
If there's a root guide you needn't worry about bloat.
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