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User Info: Dark Gunner

Dark Gunner
3 months ago#1
I do really like the idea of a good puzzle game or good RPG of some kind to play on my phone.

Going to be getting a new phone soon, any suggestions??
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User Info: Lasagnacat

3 months ago#2
Granblue Fantasy
Fate Grand Order

Both are gacha (hero collectors) and enjoyable as F2P. Most mobile games are cashgrabs trying to exploit you.

If you do not mind playing ports there are lots of classic games:

Final Fantasy 1 to 7
Chrono Trigger
Secret of Mana

User Info: Shinigami2784

3 months ago#3
If you like Final Fantasy and are okay with a gacha system, Dissidia Opera Omnia is fun and free-to-play friendly.
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User Info: lambchips

3 months ago#4
Fate Grand Order
Azur lane
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