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User Info: lazyhoboguy

7 years ago#1

I had never heard of the guy who has his face plastered on the box and I am not a nascar fan at all, but I paid 20 bucks new for this and I am pleasently surprised to its quality. The cut scenes and character dialogue is so cheesy you cannot help but like it and the gameplay though is actually quite good. I am someone who enjoys racing games like mario kart, jak x combat racing, and fzero-x over realistic racing games like gran turismo, so I am happy to have another above average kart/combat style racer on the ps3. The game has an online mode as well and the multiplayer is pretty fun. I'd say it was worth the 20 dollars. I already played it a hour or so in singleplayer and I tried a bit of multiplayer too.

I am coming out of the closet... I enjoy Jimmie Johnson's Anything with an Engine.

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