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User Info: kswheels

7 years ago#1
Won the Bronze Cup on rookie with the bathtub guy. Well worth the price, especially if there is DLC later.

User Info: bigbadchad006

7 years ago#2
I had the only pre order at my gamestop for this game, so I was stoked about getting this game when it came out on tuesday but then when i went into gamestop to pick it up, they said it never came in and that I was the only customer that pre ordered it, so the employee sent them an email so i they got it in on wednsday and it is a fun game, I sure hope it doesnt end up like sonic all star racing where they only had two DLC, I am expecting more tracks and more characters or they could even put the new tracks into additional cups and make the vehicles unlockable so you have to play through new cups to win them,

Jimmie Johnson still is the best nascar driver today
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