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User Info: stop3

9 years ago#1
Has anyone played both the downloadable version from the PSN and the Blu Ray version of Dragon's Lair? How does their performance compare?

The Blu Ray played perfectly on my old PS3 but on my new slim it stutters a bit. If the PSN version plays better I might go ahead and download it. But I'm pissed that the Blu Ray doesn't perform as well as it used to.

User Info: stop3

9 years ago#2
Well, if anyone cares...

The performance of the downloadable version of Dragon's Lair is far superior than the Blu-Ray version. I now own both versions, and the PSN version is by far the best.

User Info: stop3

9 years ago#3
I hope they release Space Ace and Dragon's Lair 2 on the PS3 also. I assume they will, but you never know. Has Dragon's Lair sold well on PS3?

User Info: lowrclassbrat

9 years ago#4
Couldn't find ps3 sales but, heres how the collection has fared on Wii.
For what this game is and how old it is sales seem good.......
Yeah i love this game but, one should be honest most gamers of eighties wouldn't buy it. And virtually any born after game was released in arcade would buy it sadly so.......

User Info: TheTenth10

9 years ago#5

is it the original Amiga game that is a giant QTE?

User Info: stop3

9 years ago#6
Yeah, it's full motion animated video. But the Amiga version isn't the original, it was a laserdisc arcade game originally.

User Info: AlphaMoonWolf

9 years ago#7
these are the times, but those were the days.
Before I change again, remind me the story that I won't get insane!

User Info: spank_my_bottom

9 years ago#8

Is this game compatible with the Move controller ??

And if it is compatible, do you actually "swing the controller" corresponding to the direction......or do you only press the mini-dpad on the Move controller ?? Just pressing the d-pad would be kinda boreing :(

User Info: Mookiethebold

9 years ago#9
professorXzaver posted...
Is this game compatible with the Move controller ?

murphy was an optimist
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