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User Info: ultralewis

9 years ago#1
Anyone know if this will be getting an EU release?

I remember when I was younger, I`d go to a games store on my lunch break near school. I`d be the only person who actually knew how to play it lol. Everyone was saying how it was the worst game they ever played etc. Then when I heard they had it playing on a 3DO I had to go and show everyone how the heck to play it. After that everybody loved it lol. I ?think? it was on the Amiga 1200 I originally played it.

My fave sections of that game were the out of control flying horse and the rapids. I have some rather fond memories of this game and would love to play it again for PS3

Dirks screeches and screams are fantastic. I just find Dirks ways out of trouble hysterical and was pleased it was me in charge of his fate. This was the start of a new genre and I was really impressed with it back in it`s day.
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User Info: AliGamer

9 years ago#2
Don't know as there isn't any release dates for EU, what you could do is easily create a US account, buy a US PSN card and you can purchase US titles! :)
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User Info: TJSAGE

9 years ago#3

The game was very far ahead of its time....Smooth movements, psychadelic graphics and a great story adventure...I must have been nine or ten trying to play this and had know idea what was going on.....

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