Pilot Attack (mission) clear level S?

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User Info: gundambot1

3 years ago#1
The mission from first macross,
where you are in this arcade simulator against max and milia...

One of the optional requirement is that you clear level S...
does anyone know how to unlock this? the game always ends for me after level A...
Yes. Its on a time limit. The standard optional objective with Hero Units is to take them out with 15 seconds of their arrival. It you do this with each around, you will unlock the last section.

I would suggest coming back to this mission later with a better mecha. That will make it much easier to achieve. Especially if you unlock Ageless from completing all of the Sagas and bring back a VF-19 or higher.

You ~can~ do it with a VF-1, but it will be difficult. If you wish to attempt it, make sure you have the Auto Skill "Ace Killer" (which you ought to have on any custom pilot anyway).

User Info: gundambot1

3 years ago#3
15 seconds D=
holy....that's insane ....

take their hp down to 1/2, then they enter invincibility mode and uses their SPA,
that alone is more than 15 seconds =/
Yep. Which is why you must prevent them from doing so. Consecutive impacts will prevent them from being able to activate their special provided that they are hit while still reeling (just like what happens to you in those instances). Also like you, they can use a Combo Break to cancel the Stun Effect, but it will remove their SP Bars for the rest of the match, meaning they still can't use the SPA. Basically, the trick is to get them close to half HP then stun-kill them.

Charged Melee attacks will do it.

Holding Down while doing a Melee Combo will cause it to end in a launch; that will do it.

Melee Special Attacks will do it.

Missile Combos will do it.

'Cover Fire' Support Ability will do it.

User Info: gundambot1

3 years ago#5
thanks for the tips

finally managed to do it!

it turned out you have to beat level A (the third wave of max & milia) within 2 minutes. Like the last target has to finish exploding before the clock reaches 8:00, then Level S unlocks. D=
(i did it once beating the last target before 8:00, but it took a few seconds after to finish exploding which pushed the timer over...)
Yeah, timed goals can be a pain in the booty. Sadly, to SS-Rank most missions requires a quick completion time.
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  3. Pilot Attack (mission) clear level S?

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