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Why use the same topic when you can make another one! :D

Nah. Ijust have been internetless for a time. Lets see if I can be of any assistance. SPOILER: I can't.

Okay, ZZ. (Mind if I call you ZZ?) Those are nice Skill Choices. However with high Arousal, Financier is not really that useful. Your SP Gauge will fill fast enough not to make it worth while. Plus, while it lowers the usage cost of your Special Abilities, it does not lower the activate requirement, ie: a Mecha Special Attack costs 3 Bars by default, Financier lowers the cost to 2 Bars, but you will need 3 Bars charged before you can spend the 2 Bars to activate it.

You may wish to consider replacing Financier the Ace-Only Skill for your Pilot's Profession. To get it, you must spend 500 Points on your character's development before the last week of September. If you reach that goal, then at the end of the Academy you will be offered the Ace-Only Skill rather than a Generic Skill free of charge. Which Skill you can get depends on which route you playing through. They are:

NUNS: Max World 2
SMS: Pineapple Cake
Civilian: Cover Fire
Festival / Omake: Sense Of Rhythm

On to questions:

1) Yes. Those will raise your Exp for their Attribute guaranteed.

The third character on the list lowers the drain a bit, meaning slightly less off-days (in other words: pointless).

The fourth character on the list is the Critical Hit multiplier. There is a small chance of getting a Critical (Learning) Hit each week. This character supes-up the bonus if that should occur.

The fifth character increases the chance of getting said Critical Hit.

That said, the more you use the same Attribute type in a row (any of the five characters in any order), the more the bonuses stack. So if you can get three of that group in a row, you will get multiple Points to spend on Skills and Stats.

I suggest sticking to the first two character of each group if they are available and if not then using one of the other members of the same group. Now, you CAN go with the last two characters of the groups instead. It is a viable option. It is sort of playing the odds: your character's growth rate will be based on gambling for Critical Hits. But it is just that: a gamble. You can score big and get a great character or you can get a craptastic one. On average, you will get one with middle of the road stats that are generally inferior to taking the guaranteed points.

Klan costs as First Character-All Groups. She will give you points in all three areas at once, but with less Exp than a Single Area character will give. However, she does add to the Ability Point Stacking if she is chosen between two characters in the same group.

Brera does he same as Klan, but your Mental Bar does not drain. He only comes around once or twice per playthrough though.

2) Yes.

Keep in mind your bonus only applies if they are in a row. For example Alto-Alto-Yui or Yui-Alto-Yui. A week of Yui-Michel-Yui will net you only the default amount of Exp as there is will not be a stacking bonus because there is a character from a different group in there.

3) Yes, there will be an event in Feb 2059 which the blonde-guy Gary will ask you a choice. This will select either NUNS or SMS. You pilot's icon will change when they are are suited-up based on your choice.

In June 2059, you are given the choice by the blonde chick Hilda to stick with your military branch or to become a civilian instead.

((Special thanks to ClassicDrogn for supplying the dates))
Dragon Knight Tonal 7 years ago#2
4) Sadly, you cannot have a Love Triangle between Custom Characters. They will always be Neutral towards each other. Officially. Unofficially, you can make-up whatever story that you want for your charries.


Creating a Custom Wingman has a bonus to offset the drawback of a weaker Team Special Attack:

When played by the computer, a Custom Character CAN use their own Command Skills. They do not need a Support Character to do it for them. So you can deck her out rather nicely. Try training her in Ace Killer, Sniper, Special Forces Agent, and Cover Fire and watch her clear entire fleets of enemy Capital Ships in one shot. Give her Max World instead and she can tear through Bosses like nobody's business. Alternatively, if you give her Phantom Medicine, she will heal you when you are near death.

5) Best Stats? That is a matter of personal playstyle, I think. I differ from our friend Drogn as I tend to let HP be of middling importance. I go for SP Bars first, then Arousal (Mmm, Miyuki... (*-*) ), then Fire, Defense, and Movement Rate. After that I go for Skills. Then Strength for HP, Fight for Melee, and Concentration comes last.

Getting the Auto Skill Lethal Strike will triple your melee damage, so that makes up using fewer points in the Fight stat. That and it makes using the Macross Attack with the SDF-1 (hold Triangle in Battloid / Storm Attacker mode) more impressive

FYI: more Attributes use Tech Points than Body or Mind.


When setting up a Support Character for missions, I usually go with Yui for the healing of myself (plus she is funny, the poor girl wanted to be a tech but signed up as a pilot by accident. Heh), Sivil, Elma for long extra missions, or a singer. I am apparently more of a defensive player than Drogn is. (^__^)
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