really noob academy question.

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User Info: ZetaroZethren

4 years ago#1
for the life of me i just cant figure out the basic flow of the academy mode.

ive already read DKtonal's great guide, various posts etc. my main goal is to make a custom char vs CPU combat, with great stats, max sp, sniper, ace killer, financier and clairvoyance. i wouldnt care much about completing cgs etc.

so some quick questions:

1.) do i date all the characters? on the guide it suggests to pick the top 2 from each section plus klan, so does that mean Mind (luca and pinion), Tech (hilda and gary), Body (Alto and yui) + klan?

2.) what i did was date those 7 chars one time each (they all got 1 heart), then went to train (about 4-6 times) until i noticed that the music changed. i then got back to dating till they now all had 2 hearts each, then went to train until the music changed again and so on. was i doing it right? after the 3rd time that i noticed that the season changed, i dated them all again to get 4 hearts each, then just went to train till the end, but i noticed that i never got that many points anymore, even with say alto+yui+klan as tutors after body training.

3.) is there a good way to know if the option your taking is the NUNS, SMS or civilian route? if the choice is made halfway through the game, i had probably missed it, i got sms last time without knowing why.

4.) i'd like to make a custom partner, but i read somewhere that my main char wont get relationship hearts for partnering with a custom char. is that correct? and do you have suggestions for partner skills?

5.) what would be a good level for stats? and some possible main char skills suggestions, before i got 80 str, 70 fire, 70 speed, the rest around 40-50.

sorry for my post being wordy, thanks in advance!

im currently rewatching the entire macross shows, so im playing each era after im done watching the matching series hehe, kinda adds to the enjoyment and length of the game.
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