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User Info: MegaKirby

7 years ago#1
I still haven't unlocked the Ageless mode... I've beaten the game twice, and just now finished my third playthrough with a custom Academy mode character. I've got mostly S and SS ranks, some A ranks, on every mission. Even did the same for all of Extra and Survival. I also just got the shop to level 30, which apparently is the highest, and yet still, no Ageless... Also two other mode unlocks missing. I know one is the free shop, but I'm not sure what the other is...

Still, I'm pretty sure my game is just bugged... The Japanese wiki says to simply clear all era missions with A rank, which I've done more than once, and have absolutely nothing in the game left to clear, with all A or higher... Only thing I can think of is maybe that other unlock I don't have that isn't the free shop. Anyone know what it is? On the 'Prize: Mode' list, I'm missing the second, fifth, and last ones.
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