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User Info: bastion1979

6 years ago#1
Hi, guys. Just found this game on Jap psn for ard 2800yen. Shud I get this or wait for overworld? Thanks in advanced for any advices given.

User Info: Yandy_Kusanagi

6 years ago#2
Just wait for Overworld.
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User Info: Yokoso

6 years ago#3
Depends. It seems to me, that each consequent game goes further with the visuals, but becomes more and more primitive.
Started playing SDGG Zero - and its a much better GAME than World. Pretty pathetic visually, of course.

User Info: AlgusBlight

6 years ago#4
Overworld comes out in 2-3 weeks and looks like it'll be World 1.5 so I suggest you wait for that one.

User Info: ForteCanSwim

6 years ago#5
Yokoso is exactly right. The game mechanics generally become more and more simple and the gameplay easier and easier as the series goes on although the visuals and roster improve.

So which game you should get depends on what kind of gamer you are. If you want some actual game structure, a challenge, story, stuff like that, then you should play an older game like G Generation NEO or DS. If you just like looking at fancy visuals or making things blow up with characters that you like then you should wait for Overworld. The series these days is very much like Dynasty Warriors in the form of a strategy RPG in the sense that everything around you basically exists just to be annihilated by you.

User Info: Dragen

6 years ago#6
I loaded up my copy of World since I read somewhere about Overworld using your saves from Portable and World... and found out I didn't 100% the MS list in World. I'm working on that now. I'm surprised I left it at just 86% though I'd finished the rest. If money isn't that big an issue for you, I'd go ahead and get World first though. :)
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User Info: StriderTuna

6 years ago#7
We're still finding things about OverWorld and you might end up liking this better than that.

with G Gen, not all progress is good. 3DS and Cross Drive aren't as popular as the games that came before it (This and DS respectively)
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