Help Please, Last Luxuries

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User Info: TheSuperOnion

7 years ago#1
I'm doing last luxuries and whenever I try to open the emergency door it says that it is sealed because of a gas leak in the kitchen, I don't know what to do, help please.

User Info: Coreywallacev1

7 years ago#2
ummmm what door?
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User Info: Motorola

7 years ago#3
You're in the suites? You have to go around through the rooms with the holograms.

User Info: Nordved

7 years ago#4
theres a computer in the laundry you have to use, to release a door. Also i had the same problem, now i got a new one, can anybody tell how to acess the elevator after christine is dead ? it says its locked, and yes i got veras key and the pass port key from the skeleton

User Info: brians81177

7 years ago#5
I had this same problem. I had found the maintenance passcode early on to unlock the door in the casino but it wouldnt let me. Eventually it just gave me the option so I guess the best advice I can give you is to keep trying. You might also try re-loading an old save and going through it again if that is an option.

User Info: Nordved

7 years ago#6
hmm okay, you know i wish new vegas wasnt so buggy. It would have been better than fallout 3 if it werent for all the bugs
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