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VoidSeraphim 10 years ago#1
I'm really bad at making a deck, and I'm not an avid Yu-Gi-Oh player so I wouldn't know what cards to put in the deck. Would anyone provide me a list of cards for a deck?
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setokaiba400 10 years ago#2
if we tell you what cards to put in then its really not your deck and that being said they give you a button on the game screen that tells you what cards go well with said card oh and by the way sages stone
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dsky9000 10 years ago#3
I have pre-made Dark Magician deck Greg requested in my topic I made for him.

I gave you the in-game extra deck.

21 Monsters

2 Dark Magician
1 Dark Magician Girl
2 Breaker The Magical Warrior
3 Apprentice Magician
1 Chaos Sorcerer
3 Frenqueny Magician
2 Magical Exemplar
2 Magician's Valkyria
2 Skilled Dark Magican
1 Summoner Monk
2 The Tricky

12 Spells

1 Dark Hole
1 Dark Magic Attack
1 Heavy Storm
2 Magical Dimension
1 Monster Reborn
1 Pot of Avarice
1 Sage Stone
2 Solidarity

7 Traps

2 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Solemn Judgement
1 Mirror Force
2 Solemn Warning
1 Torrential Tribute

15 Extra Deck

2 Arcanite Magician
2 Temptest Magician
2 Stardust Dragon
1 Armory Arm
2 Scrap Dragon
2 Black Rose Dragon
1 Trishula
1 Brionac
2 Ancient Sacred Wyvern
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