unlocking the final outfits?

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User Info: _LtMark_

6 years ago#1
How do you unlock the outfits that the final 3 duel runner team uses in the wrgp you know those 3 psychics I see a lot of people on the ranked leaderboards have those outfits any ideas thanks.

User Info: _LtMark_

6 years ago#2
andalso can you guys tell me the nname of the outfits alright thanks

User Info: natchu96

6 years ago#3
We won't give you the names of those dang outfits until you can name the three people wearing them. We do not tolerate blasphemy against the main antagonist of the whole second season (besides the ending)!
[No flaming intended, mods. Don't mod me like you did when I tried to correct shinysalamance's spelling.]

Yes. "Antagonist" singular. Not plural.
Never refer to me by the letters in my username. It's an account name I had during my early school days that stuck. It does not sound too good when pronounced.

User Info: shinysalamance

6 years ago#4
well if your not going help this person i will this is what i do. after you beat the 3 viruse in team 5ds computer and computer at the staduim and also the bike shop im the satellite and its going be tag duel to unlock the outfits and dont listen to some of these people that are on here some of them are so annoying they got to have every thing right.thats why i smart i let them think i mess spell thing i think its funny and plus i do use my psp so ya and i dont what they think because that me ha ha.

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