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User Info: HarryBawls

7 years ago#1
I just got it, turned off the assists and am having a blast. For what its worth, I'm a fan of moto gp and racing games in general, and I'm telling you this game is fun. Have a fine day.
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User Info: StatePen

7 years ago#3
Much better than the last year's game. It's great to finally have an awesome MotoGP game.

User Info: QuBix

7 years ago#4
Amazing game, best MGP title since the Climax games. My review is coming soon.
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User Info: freejahcure

7 years ago#5
I agree with the above posters,i picked this game up this weekend and i can't stop playing,i keep saying to myself just one more race.
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  3. This game is good
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