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User Info: Muffin547

8 years ago#1
Looks like the demo is out on Thursday! Should get a good idea of how the physics are. I'm hoping for something more sim than the last game. What are peoples thoughts?
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User Info: Domini69

8 years ago#2
I honestly can not understand why these guys just can't seem to get the physics right for this game! In-fact, for the past 3-4 years they've simply been going backwards in this regard. We all agree that last year's attempt was a complete disaster that had absolutely zero foundation in reality, both in graphics and physics. The only thing they improved on a little bit from the 08 release was the AI.

I was sure that after a mass of damming forum comments and reviews they would take the issue seriously, but clearly have not.
I mean, how difficult can it be? I get the clear impression that Capcom has no passion for or interest in Biking and the racing of bikes.

The SBK guys (Milestone) got it just about perfect with SBK X....Absolutely awesome game! With SBK X they've built a game that gives the gamer a choice of game play ranging from totally unrealistic, pick-up-and-go, arcade mode for all those complaining about the difficulty, to a 98% close to authentic simulation experience for the more hardcore biking fans such as myself.

I believe that people buying this game are real life bikers 99% of the time and serious MotoGP and SBK fans to boot...Thus, most buyers are looking for a truly realistic experience that gets as close as possible to placing them next to their hero's on the grid.
To do this the first, and absolutely vital aspect of the game is the Physics model, a close second is AI, and lastly, realistic graphics!
Not something that looks like a dream world painted with pastel colours where you are completely disconnected from the riding experience.

So bottom line: Sell the rights to the guys at Milestone, they clearly feel something for and has an interest in bikes and racing! You are depriving us from experiencing the MotoGP calendar in a way that is obviously possible.

User Info: Devilman_Amon

8 years ago#3
We need a good control peripheral for motorcycle games. It can be built as realistic as possible but it'll never feel right with the PS3 controller regardless
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