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User Info: jbluez

8 years ago#1
Ok, I disagree with the duplicate Delorean being 'plausible' just within the context of the movies. I'm not talking about reality since the whole thing is fiction. I dunno, it just seems weird for lightning and 'temporal' combinations to actually duplicate matter and send them in different time periods. I mean, there is no precedent for it since that could have happened already when Marty first returned to 1985. Unless that had something to do with the lightning going directly into the flux capacitor.

Anyway. All that aside. What about the train? Where are Clara and the kids? Why don't they know where he is? Why didn't he ask THEM for help?

User Info: StnkyWizleTeets

8 years ago#2
First things first. I don't see how you can make the argument that, in the context of the story, time travel is possable but a duplicate being created by accident is not.

Second of all. I thought the same thing about a duplicate being made when they first used lightning to jolt the flux capacitor. If a duplicate was made from when doc went 100 years back, and the duplicate went 100 years forward. Maybe when Marty went 30 years forward a duplicate went 30 years back? That would mean their are three time machines now. Who knows maybe in one of the episodes we will have to go back to 1925 and get the other one.
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User Info: AustinFan4Life

8 years ago#3
@ StnkyWizleTeets

Actually when the Delorean(which was flying at the time) got struck by lightning in 1955 it was sent back in time to the year 1885, which is 70 years earlier from the moment in time that Doc & Marty were in(1955). So while the the real Delorean was sent back in time 70s years to 1885 to duplicate one was sent 70 years into the future from 1955, which would mean that it was sent to year 2025. Now I find it improbable that a duplicate would've been made, but for the purposes of this game, it's a plot device. As it was explained that Doc found the Delorean when he traveled to the future, and if we all believe that, then it's all completely possible, but again i see that as more of a plot device for the game as opposed to it being theoretically possible.
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