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User Info: Hollowichigo790

8 years ago#1

When is episode 2 coming? out its been around a month since episode 1 came out

User Info: scooterguy140

8 years ago#2

i would like to know the same thing because at the end of episode 1 it says that 2 is supposed to come out in nov....

User Info: atzuin

8 years ago#3
ep1 came at the 15th last month, so my guess would be: always at the mid of the month, which would be next week for ep2.

User Info: scooterguy140

8 years ago#4

I guess so, but that means they lied.

User Info: EVOLUTION117

8 years ago#5
Just finished it (UK) and upon doing so, the Preview says that episode 2 would be released here last month. =P
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User Info: windycornertv

8 years ago#6
The preview was a pre-rendered video made for the PC version. Unfortunately Telltale failed to update it for the PS3 version.
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User Info: scooterguy140

8 years ago#7

What the heck, its still not out?

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