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User Info: AustinFan4Life

8 years ago#1

I have an interesting question about the Delorean at the end of the trailer, it's seen flying. And we all know that the details of how the Delorean was doubled when it was struck by lightning. But my question is how is it able to fly all of sudden now. In Back to the Future III, it was Doc said(through a letter he wrote in 1885) that the Flying circuits were destroyed & that the Delorean would never fly again. Then how is the Delorean seen flying at the end of the trailer for the 2nd episode. I'm really confused about that.
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User Info: atzuin

8 years ago#2
we don't know yet.
but it stranded in the future (2025) when it was doubled, so it isn't very farfetchet to say: it got repaired? back in the movies that was just for plot convinience.

or maybe the Flying Circuts of this Delorean weren't destroyed since apparently Doc wasn't doubled too, so there are minor differences .

or maybe its just a mistake/plothole, the movies are full of these so why can't the game be too?
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